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~ Happiness is AKAME ~

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muchie05 a.k.a Liz



~~ OTP / AKAME lover ~~


~~ OTG / KAT-TUN ~~


Is it only me or am I too old for fangirling??? XDD *lost*

  • Muchie here - a.k.a LIZ *RL friends calls me that* BUT my momskie and popskie calls me Chel and Zel.. yeah it kinda got stuck! XDDD

  • This LJ is open for all to check as i do not intend to lock it - feel free to read/stalk/hover/leech anything from here - I wont mind... BUT it will make me a very happy girl to read a simple comment as "Thankies" *looks up at the sky-teary eyed* ^o^

  • Feel free to add me! - I normally always check who added me and adds back automatically without question [as i have also been once a newbie adding people i think has a great journal, having similar interests that i have, and just having a gut feel that they dont bite that hurts.. lmao

  • I mostly fangirl over KAT-TUN and my ichiban will always be my JINJIN!!! <333-333 and KT-TUN follows of course *though not in that order, y'all.. ^0^ demo, i like other JE groups too [have i mentioned that i dig the swaying hips of ARASHI, the guilty-pleasure-like-hotness of NewS and the goofiness of Kanjani8 etc.. *and i do sway at jpop/jrock/jmellow* but my attention is mostly drawn to my fave boys.. ^^o

  • This journal is half/half in nature! ^^ So bear with my ravings and rantings of how RL is slaving me as an expat! LOL

  • Lastly, i DISLIKE/HATE anyone bashing anyone,,, gets me? >.< im not generally a kind person, but i respect ground levels and room for allowances! Heck all has room for improvements, right! o_0

  • Oh and have i told you that im a pervee and that i perv anything about my boys! XDDD ima planning to put up a Pervee_Club but procastinating is my fave sin so - HOLD IT!

    UPDATE: Pervee_Club comm is now up and running! *currently hiring pimps* yipeeee \^0^/

  • pervee_club

    If you can dig what i dig, and sway how i sway, then friend me we will fangirl all we want! <333



    Akanishi - HELL YEAH!

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