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[Fic List] Flaunting My Written Stuffs

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Multi-Chaptered Fics

     * Behind the Song [CARE]
          - Behind the Song Care - Chapter 7 - END *added 05.Sept.2012*

     * On & Off
          - On & Off - Chapter 2 *added 19.Jan.2013*
          - On & Off - Chapter 3 *added 25.Feb.2014*
              * Part 1
              * Part 2
              * Epilogue

     * Badge of Love
          - Badge of Love - Chapter 7 *added 17.Sept.2012*
          - Badge of Love - Chapter 8 *added 01.Mar.2014*
          - Badge of Love - Chapter 9 *added 03.Mar.2014*
          - Badge of Love - Chapter 10 *added 18.Mar.2014*

One-Shot Fics

     * Shoulders
     * Summer Ice Cream
     * When The Rain Falls
     * Figments of Imaginations *added 11.March.2014*
              * Part 1
              * Part 2


     * Love On The Go
     * Caught
     * Theme: Glass / Stained Glass Door
     * My Love Will Watch Over You
     * News Boys *added 23.Aug.2012*

PS: All multi-chaps are not yet finished, i am planning to finish them all off this year.. haha (high challenge for me but very attainable) ^^

Writing fanfiction is only easy if you really love the source of your inspiration... and akame does that for me! <3
Akame in CK100


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Akame in CK100

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Goguma Couple

[Fic] High School Catch (1/5)

Title: [Fic] High School Catch (1/5)
Author: muchie05
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fluff

Disclaimer: Story is a product of this fangirls’ mind, no real connection with the depicted characters, also no harm intended, though not good for the weak in the heart when it comes to these pairings,, be ready to flail! ^.^
Summary: High School life is not a problem for Akanishi Jin, he entered high school knowing that with his popular modelling status he will be the favorite of everyone with his charm and good looks, he was academically good, extracurricular proved to be good as well for him, he is currently the captain of the baseball team of his school, he has the support of his wealthy doting parents being the only child, so to sum it all up he is your typical golden boy the only problem here is that being that popular, busy and tied up with modeling and schooling schedules someone needs to manage him. Enter Kamenashi Kazuya, from a rich family too, being the youngest with three older sisters, he was pampered, home schooled till junior high, protected, sheltered, dotted and took in as sickly, timid, shy and unable to stand on his own, and he needed to prove them wrong, that he is capable of leading his life and taking on responsibilities, what better way to have that plan to move in action was to enroll in an actual high school where he can meet actual people and start living his life.


Akanishi’s Residence

“Jinjin wake up you’re going to be late on the first day of school”

That was Mama Akanishi, signaling her staffs to prepare the clothes that his son will wear as per the school’s approved uniform and instructing the other staff to ready the breakfast as it should still be hot as she believes that cold food will make her son sickly and telling the driver to start the car that will bring her son to the school

Mama Akanishi loves to dots and take care of her son personally climbing in the bed to tickle wake up her son was her most enjoyable task, she had been doing that since her baby decided to have his own room at the age of 10 and to her that was too early for him to have his independence, if she can have her way her baby would still be sleeping with them with Papa Akanishi till he is 18 just the right age to be independently holding his own room.

“Wake up poochie bean” croon Mama Akanishi while tickling her son in the waist

“Do don’t want to be late on your first day in school right?” Mama continue and moving her hands to her son’s armpits

“You don’t want your perfect record tarnished with tardiness ne poochie bean” Mama Akanishi laughingly said for the son that she was waking up is slowly coming into life judging from the suppressed giggles that she can hear

“Or do you just want to stay home and be with Mama and Papa” Mama Akanishi said and that does the trick since his elementary days

“I’m awake now” finally Akanishi Jin flashed his charming smile and greeted his Mama ohayou and kissed her on the cheek

“No baby, sleep more so you can stay here longer with Mama and Papa” teased Mama Akanishi for now her baby is running towards the bathroom to take a bath so he won’t stay in the house

Mama Akanishi was not offended, she knew that her baby loves them but she also knew that being the only child her baby loves going to school to interact with other people of his age, she sometimes wished that God blessed her and her husband a few more children but then when she gave birth to Jin after such complicated nine months of total bed rest the doctors told her that her ovaries will no longer be able to produce egg cells for child bearing. She remembered she wept with sadness for she wished to have a big family, but her husband reminded her that she just gave birth to the most amazing gift she can give him and that is their baby Jin. So from then on she devote her time loving her wonderful husband and adore her equally wonderful and amazing son, showering him with love, praises and encouragement any mother should do to their child.

“Jinjin, hurry up and come down to have your breakfast” Mama Akanishi said while knocking on the bathroom door where she can hear her son singing in the shower

Mama Akanishi found her husband seated already at the chair on the head of the table reading today’s paper, at the age of 57 he still have that effect on her for she always find reasons to fall in love with her husband, they married late in their lives, she hopelessly thought that she will end up alone and single, but then she met this wonderful amazing person that was too handsome for her but courted her all the same and just in a short period of courtship he proposed to her and she accepted whole heartedly and she never regretted saying yes to this incredible man that she now calls husband.

“Papa don’t you have any meetings today?” Mama Akanishi asked and seating herself next to her husband on his right and started putting food on his plate

“I only have one local meeting here later in the afternoon, you should come with me it’s not very formal" Papa Akanishi said and put down the newspaper and signals to his wife to come closer

“Come with me and let’s stay in a hotel resort for the night and enjoy ourselves” Papa Akanishi said and flirtingly kisses his wife who on a closer inspection is still as beautiful as the first day that he met her he deduced

He remembered still the first day that he saw her, she was working on a book shop and he was there trying to find a greeting card for a friend who just delivered a baby, and he was clueless as to what to get when he took courage and ask her and he was instantly in love looking at the bright smile that was directed at him and from then on he always visit the store just to see her and talk to her. He came from a rich family and her from a middle class; his parents were opposed to the relationship at first but then warmed up to her warm and loving nature.

“But what about Jin Papa, should be bring him with us” Mama Akanishi said while giggling for now she is seated at Papa’s lap and giggling like a teenage girl and that is how their son saw them

“Mama, Papa please it’s too early for that” Jin said laughing because his parents are displaying way too much PDA in the morning

“But Jinjin, this is how are love each other” Mama Akanishi said trying to stand up to accommodate the son but Papa Akanishi refused to let her go

“Please I don’t want to ruin my breakfast” Jin said greeting his Papa ohayou and seated himself on the chair to his left

Papa Akanishi finally let her wife stand up but not without playfully smacking her bottom which made Jin even more cringe with the display of affection

“So are you ready for high school?” Papa Akanishi asked

“So ready and eager to start” Jin said helping himself with some bagels, eggs and sausages

“You don’t seem eager or else I wouldn’t have waken you up” Mama Akanishi reminded and poured her son some apple juice

“Mama you know I’m just a little slow starter” Jin answered munching on his food

“Will you be alright going to a scheduled high school, shouldn’t you just go for the special sessions, with your modeling schedules and your school and activities plus I heard from your Mom that you got appointed as the captain of the baseball team, can you cope on that son?” Papa Akanishi asked as though the school is private and esteemed as one of the best around the country he still thinks that his son might find it too hard balancing his life

Papa Akanishi thought that his son should stop his modeling career, he had been discovered by an agent when his wife was grocery shopping with Jin and Jin was just about 3 years old then for a dairy product and ever since then, growing up he got even more camera pleasant so as he gets a little older he had made a lot of commercials and print ads modelling for various products and companies. He is basically everywhere you look, Papa reminded his son that he doesn’t need to accept all the offers as he is rich enough, their family is into manufacturing and constructions they have a dozen of factories for fabric and food processing and building construction materials, but his son was adamant telling him that he wanted to earn his own money and not rely on his inheritance that he will surely get from them and told him that he wanted to provide as well for his parents when in due time.

Though a freshman, Papa was surprised and proud to know that his son got the captainship of the school’s baseball team, he knew his son played and he is good at it but he was a little skeptical about being the first ever freshman captain and he thought that his son’s popularity may have been a contributing factor.

“Papa, daijobou, I can do this, I want for once experience getting my education in a normal school setting” Jin said finishing his apple juice and kissing his Mama and Papa as he will go to the school now

“Our baby Mama is now really grown up” Papa Akanishi said gently patting the hand of his wife

“Times really flew so fast ne Papa” Mama Akanishi said wiping the gentle tear that was forming at the corner of her eyes

“And the next thing we will know, he will bring his kanojou here to meet us” Papa Akanishi said and Mama Akanishi gave a dramatic gasps telling her husband that just too much and Jin will enter a relationship when his thirty years old on which her husband just laugh at her possessiveness

With the looks and personality of their son, he will soon be able to get an amazing catch!


Kamenashi’s Residence

Knocks on the door

“Onee-chan, wake up”

Knocks on the door

“Onee-chan, wake up”

Knocks on the door

“Onee-chan, wake up, the breakfast will get cold and you will be late in school … and I will be late in school” Looking at the clock now it says 6:05am and still the household of the Kamenashi’s are still soundly asleep saved for the staffs that stays with him and knows his routines

Even his father is still sound asleep

“Minna, wake up!!!” he finally bellowed, he hated screaming early in the morning, but he cannot help it, years of experience tells him that that is the only effective way to wake the dead

Kamenashi Kazuya is the resident alarm clock of this house

“Shushhh turtle-chan, you are ever so noisy as always” said the eldest daughter of Daddy Kamenashi who’s in her last year in college

“One of these days you will lose that voice and you will never ever going to get it back” seconded by the middle daughter who is an entering freshman in the same university

“Ka-channnn you are really really like Mommy” lastly said the sister who’s in her last year in high school the same school that he will enter as a freshman

“You are the only one who shared her passion of waking up early and cheerful” said the sister who was still rubbing her closed eyes and dragging her feet to go to the bathroom

“Hurry up nee-chan or else I will be late on my first day in school” Kame said while pushing her sister at the back to make her move faster

“Hai hai, you better wake up the snoring monster or else he will be late in work as well” she said while closing the door to her younger brother

Kame just remembered, thanks to her nee-chan that their father had an important meeting with some clients at 8am, their family owns a few hot springs hotels and resorts and though they are rich enough to just hire top executives to handle matters like this, his father still actively participates in the running of their hotels and resorts, as his excuse was that, he and his dearly departed wife built their hotels and resorts from scratch, it was their dream together since they were kids, they were childhood sweethearts and it was just natural for them to assume that they will both grow old together and retire in one of their hotels or resorts.

But fate had a different plan; their plan to grow old together was cut short five years ago, his dear mother passed away due to ovarian cancer.

“Otousan, daddy wake up” Kame gently nudge his father on the shoulder

“Daddy wake up, you have a meeting at 8” he said and wildly shaking his father now

“Not before I lavish you with my hugs” attacked the now awake father dragging his 16yr old son into a fierce embrace

“Daddy, I am no longer a child, this is not funny anymore” said the defiant Kame but failed miserably as he was laughing so hard and defending himself

“Aha, so you are rebelling against me?” Daddy Kamenashi said and tickling more his son

“And who told you that once you’ve grown older that I will stop this?” Daddy said smiling at his son

When did they began this tradition, he remembered that on the eight day after they had buried his wife, all week long he was crying, all night and day and was thinking that he had lost his great love, his sweetheart and he cannot find the strength to move with life, then his youngest son came into the room and with his tears on his eyes he asked him

“Daddy, now that Mommy’s gone, we will have no more laughter in the house?”

It’s like buckets of cold water were splashed on his whole body as he felt he had been selfish with his desire to let his life waste away while he has his children to look after too, he thought that his wife will not be happy in heaven if he let something bad happen to their family, to their three girls and their youngest son

Especially their son

He came into the world one and half month earlier, the doctors where afraid that he might not make it, but they rallied in prayers and asked God for a miracle for their baby to make it alive and healthy. And heaven proved to be merciful he got strong enough after a few months of being in the intensive care and on his fifth month he was able to go home, but the doctors informed them that due to his early delivery, his lungs are a little under developed so he has to undergo a few surgeries to fix that and the long effect would be is that he should not be placed under extreme stress for his lungs may collapsed.

Both of them protected their son with so much love, thanking every day is a blessing that he was alive, they made sure that he will not be subjected to stress, heavy labor and physical exhaustion, they have assigned staffs to follow him and always be there to aid on his comfort. They made him lived a sheltered life though putting him in a bubble is too much for them. They didn’t even enroll him in kinder and preparatory and grade school in fear that it might be too much for him and up until his middle school he followed his wife’s dictate to home school their son.

He only relented after many nights of deliberation to finally agree for him to enter a normal high school when his son threatened his father that he will enroll instead in a gym to make his slender body muscular

He remembered then that he pulled his son on his embrace and let a hefty chuckle and his laughter can be heard in the whole house, on which when his three daughters heard him they all run to his bedroom and join on the fun of smothering their youngest brother with their love.

“Daddy, enough, go take your bath and hurry up, the driver is waiting to take you to the resort” Kame said throwing pillows at his father to get him moving

At times like this, Daddy Kamenashi misses his wife even more, for their youngest son strange it may to say but really looks like his dear wife, he took all the soft features of their Mommy, from the nose, the lips the eyes and mannerisms and personality even with his light brown hair that is a little longer than what the school permits, but he is fast friends with the school principal and superintendent as they are frequent guests on their resorts, so his son got with this, he really looks like their Mommy and everyday he whisper words of love directed in the heaven for his wife to hear.

“Son, do you really think it’s a good idea to attend normal school?” Daddy Kamenashi asked his son while he collects his clothes before going to the bathroom

“Daddy, I have explained this to you a thousand times now and please believe me” Kame said exasperatingly while he lists down all the reasons why he should go to a normal school again

“But you don’t seem to be strong enough” Daddy Kamenashi said looking at his son

“Do I look like sick to you?” Kame said looking incredulous

“I don’t know you could be inside, look you are too skinny” Daddy Kamenashi mentioned while looking for what shoes to match and what tie to suit his business suit

“Okay, would you want me to get fat, to prove I’m healthy or do you want me to enroll in that gym to get some muscles?” Kame said taking over the task from his father and choosing a good shoes and tie to go with his business clothes

“Alright, but remember our agreement if I found out that you are risking your life and taking heedless risks with your health, I will ship you back to your Oba-chan’s house and stay there all your life” Daddy Kamenashi said and after he agrees finally went inside the bathroom

Kame doesn’t mind visiting his Oba-chan but he doesn’t wish to stay there as well for a long time, as from what he can remember every time that he will visit, their grandmother would treat him like an invalid person even taking a bath would be together with her and that was alright with him when he was younger but not when you are fourteen.

So he vowed that he will prove to them, to his father and to his three sisters that he is capable of living a normal life and that he can live his life as he life and dangerously though not too dangerous he still like to live long enough to find the same happiness that he saw in his parents

He knew that he was special and he knew he is such a catch.

Both of them are excited to start their lives in High School, they say that the best part of your life is at these times, and they had been longing to enjoy and really taste the feel of what living is, they can’t wait to start living the dream;

Akanishi: “At long last, some sense of normalcy, I hope that I will be treated just like any other normal student, I don’t want any favors, I want to strive on my own, I want to prove that I can do things like any other person, I will conquer the world!!!

Kamenashi: “Finally! I will be able to live my life as how I want it to be, free and in full, gone are the days that I will just look on in from the outside, now I can finally breathe it, taste it and eat it, I will conquer the world!!!”

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[Fic] Badge of Love Chapter 10

Offense 1: "Something ached at his chest not fully knowing if that is because he is affected by this younger boy or because he felt the sincerity of his excuse"
Offense 2: "I did not know that she is your girlfriend"
Offense 3: "Kazu-chan, wake up I'm not your watermelon"
Offense 4: “Because he will never get a chance to see himself grow old or see his future family and kids, not to mention even try his senior citizen card discount!”

Offense 5: “Alright, you have to meet my grandmother and ask my hand from her and promise her to take care of me!”
Offense 6: “Officer Jin, Jin-chan please go out and date my Keiko, you will never ask for anything more than my beloved Keiko!”
Offense 7: "He looked like a worried husband while his wife is giving birth"
Offense 8: "He was prepared to go all the way with Kazu"
Offense 9: "By all that is good, Kame must continue loving him or else he will really try the entire dirtiest trick in his book to make him love him again."


Chapter 10

Imagine if you were in the shoes of Kame, what would you do?

Seeing a gorgeous police man holding that lovely lavender bouquet of flowers in his right hand and that cute fluffy purple teddy bear on his left hand with chocolates as well

And hearing him sing an Adam Sandler song for his popular movie Wedding Singer that was one of the many favorites of you for you are such a romantic at heart *sigh*

What would a normal girl do?

-          Squeal in delight
-          Sing along with the song
-          Blush like her life dependent on it
-          Cry with happiness
-          Jump with ecstasy
-          Run around the house with happiness

What would you do?

Kame dramatically sighs and fainted clutching his heart

Jin would have found Kame’s theatrics funny if they were on a different situation, but as he was still unsure if the younger boy really doesn’t want him anymore so he quickly laid down his goodies and squatted beside the fainted love of his life

“Kazu, open your eyes” Jin said while scoping the younger guy in his arms

“I can’t” Kame said keeping his eyes closed

“Why not?” Jin asked

“I might see you and remember that scene that I want to forget” Kame said turning away his head away

“You have to tell me what you saw, so I can explain” Jin said, holding the younger guys head by its chin and turning it towards him

“I am gullible Jin, I might believe what you will say and that would hurt me more” Kame said taking a peek with his left eye

“I would not hurt you” Jin said trying to make the younger guy open his eye more

“You did already” Kame sign and feigning a small outcry

“I don’t know what I did to make you say I did, you must tell me and I will explain if I deliberately hurt you or not, but again I will tell you, I will not hurt you” Jin said slowly raising the younger guy into sitting position on his lap

“I saw you with a girl this afternoon right after you left the hospital, on the traffic light, you did not see me, I was in the taxi because you were hugging this girl” Kame finally said opening his eyes now and for the first time, real tears are falling down on his cheek surprising him as well

He doesn’t know the true extent of his pain and the hurt that he felt, he just realized that when Jin is now facing him.

And he can kill this officer of the law

Akanishi Jin was openly smiling at him with those dimples that he loves, flashing him his most charismatic smile that captured him and those brown eyes twinkling with happiness was just too much for Kame

“I hate you, why are you smiling” Kame said and was about to close again his eyes

“Don’t you dare close your eyes or else I would make love to you here with Mama Rose watching us” Jin threatened and got the effect that he wanted for Kame’s eyes are as wide as the saucers in his house

“You know that I would like that, but I don’t go for angry sex” Kame said mischief and teasing now fully back at his eyes and to prove him right he turned sat straddling the officer placed his arms on his shoulders and grind his hips

“Kazu don’t tempt me” Jin said though he wanted that he knew he should get to the bottom of why Kame suddenly doesn’t want him

“Ok so you saw me this afternoon and instead of asking me, you’ve decided to run away” Jin said feeling like he is reprimanding an offense maker

“I think Jin that we have known each other for a while now and you’ve probably saw that I am a little, just a little dramatic” Kame explained though Jin wanted to counter that not just a little dramatic but really heavily dramatic

“I haven’t asked you anything, more so that personal, I don’t know anything personal about you Jin, I only know that when I am with you, I feel happy so I don’t ask questions, if you wanted me to know something about you then I will wait till you share it with me” Kame said and Jin thought that yes looking back he never did tell Kame anything personal about him, and during all those times that they are together it was because this younger guy made an effort to be with him and he in return haven’t done anything yet for the younger guy

“I admit those are my faults, let me make it up to you” Jin said

Picking up his phone from the pocket of his jeans requires for Kame to shift position that Jin thought was a deliberate provocation from the younger guy as that was a direct contact with his now throbbing crotch.

“Officer Junno, konbanwa, sorry for disturbing you this late, but I have a favor to ask please, can you please file for me a leave for two days over the weekend, I need to do something important, yes I will send a message as well to Superintendent Ueda to notify him, thank you” Jin hung up and was looking directly at the eyes of his love

“Now, I am off for two days and I hope you can get to know me much better” Jin said

“Thank you for taking time off but you still haven’t answered me or explained why you’re hugging a girl out in the street” Kame said just remembered that that issue is not settled yet

“I told you I’m gullible and now easy to sway, I just forgot about that” Kame ranted

“And all because you flashed me those dimples that I so love and your eyes, the most gorgeous eyes I’ve seen” Kame continued

“Have I told you that?” Kame asked

“Sweetheart, let me talk and let me explain what happened, and yes you did a lot of times” Jin said cupping Kame’s face and placing a kiss on the tip of his nose

“Go lower Jin..” Kame said pouting his lips

“Do you want my explanations or for me to go lower?” Jin asked but knowing the curious nature of the younger boy he will not stop till he got his explanations

“Oh decisions decisions decisions, explain now and later go lower” Kame said smacking his lips together

This is why Jin loves this guy

He is a ray of sunshine and a fresh doze of happy pills for him, something that has been missing in his life for a long time.

“Alright, the girl that you saw me hugging was my childhood friend” Jin started

“Childhood friend, so how can I compete with her with all your past memories together” Kame started his dramatics for Jin has shared his growing up years with someone and he had one as well but they have lost contact when they both entered high school as his friend left to live abroad with his family and he stayed behind with no friend to go by in high school except for that one that he thought as a friend but turned out to be a vermin

“Kazu, childhood friend, friend is the operational word here” Jin contradicted

“Okay go on, sorry” Kame apologized

“Remember when I was still in the hospital and got a call on my radio that there was an accident nearby, she was involved with that” Jin explained

“See, she doesn’t deserve you, nor your hugs, she is a danger to the society, she caused the accident, didn’t she?” Kame accused

“Kazu, she did not caused that accident she was the recipient of the accident” Jin said laughing thinking that it was actually him who is a danger to the society being adorable like this

“I think she still caused it a little” Kame finally conceded

“No she is a good driver Kazu, but anyhow, when I saw that it was Minami Hina, Hina-chan I stayed there to catch up with her and assist if she needed anything” Jin explained

“You know I hate names that start with letter H” Kame said pursing his lips to prove his hate wrinkling his nose in the process

“No you don’t and she is a good person” Jin said loving how his love was trying not to sound jealous and Jin thought it was the most adorable thing

“She told me that she just got back here from her work abroad as a model..” Jin continued while stroking the hair of the younger guy

“I bet those are cheap modeling” Kazu jealously attacked, because how can he compete with a girl and a model as well

“Let me finish please..” Jin said smiling on how at each good points that he mentioned about Hina-chan, his Kazu is up and about insulting his friend

“And the reason why she came back was because her old mother is sick and her father needed her help in running the flower shop, she gave up her modeling job for her family” Jin said looking at the guy sitting on his lap

“Oh hell Jin, how can I ever compete with her now, she is a girl, a model and now a sainted daughter, have I mentioned that she’s also as tall as you with blonde hair” Kame shrieked clearly agitated with his short stats in comparison with Hina-chan

“I think you forgot something” Jin mentioned suppressing his laughter

“She has more qualities that I haven’t heard?” Kame asked dreading what Jin will say and looking incredulous to Jin

“No, I think you have something that Hina-chan doesn’t have” Jin said waiting for Kame to finally realize it but when the younger guy looked at him with those confused eyes he knew he has to be the one to remind him

“YOU HAVE ME” Jin said as a matter of fact

Kame hugged Jin, his confidence is now fully restored and back up higher with another notch for Hina-chan may have all those girly things but he was reassured that he got the best one right here in his arms.

“And then I was escorting her on her van when she lost her footing, you know me and my reflexes right, I always tend to save” Jin said pinching the nose of his love

“And probably that is when you saw me, so are we clear now” Jin asked all the while the younger guy was nodding his head

“I over reacted a little, right Jin” Kame asked sheepishly smiling

“A little, Kazu when I got into your house earlier and seeing no one was there, I thought something bad happened to you and Mama Rose” Jin said thinking that it was now his chance to be a little dramatic too

“I’m sorry baby, can you ever forgive me please” Kame said while tracing the hair of the officer

“I even brought you this lavender bouquet for you remind me so much of the scent, and I love that scent on you Kazu” Jin said drawing his nose to the base of his neck sniffing

“I would rather have your scent on me Jin” Kame said really intoxicated with how the officer can affect him so

Nothing else matters now, Kame knew that Jin is the one for him, he had waited long enough for this moment when someone can love him the way he can love anyone and more, and every time he can get to think back what made Jin choose him was a revelation to him, he just never wanted this moment to end, never for they belong to each other’s arms like this

“AHEM, EXCUSE ME” said a loud booming voice followed by a barking sound

Mama Rose and Ran-chan ended that moment

Both Jin and Kame got surprised when Mama Rose announced her return and Jin wanted to stand up but the younger guy was glued to him

“Keiko release the good officer and let him stand up” Mama Rose said rolling her eyes heavenward for she had been at the door since Officer Jin called the other officer for his leave

“Mama do you want to watch us roll on the floor” Kame teased knowing that her Mama wouldn’t have that

“Let go of Jin or you will roll on your own on the floor while Jin is on his way back home, this is still my house and I want this to be free of any impurity” Mama Rose said hearing the gasp of his Keiko was comical

“Mama you wouldn’t,,, you wouldn’t really let me roll on my own ne~” Kame said laughingly and finally letting go of Jin to stand up and was assisted to do so as well

“It seems that both of you cannot keep your hands off each other, so I will lay down the rules in this house” Mama Rose began, signaling for Jin to sit next to her by patting the couch and signaling for her beloved Keiko to do the same on the opposite couch

“Mama I should be sitting next to Jin” Kame voiced

“No you will not, you’re the most amorous one between the two of you and it’s you who cannot keep your hands to yourself” Mama Rose explained and leaning closer to the younger guy next to her

“Heard that Jin, I am amorous and my hands are only for you” Kame said wiggling his spirit fingers

“As I was saying, Jin though we live in the present days and chivalry is dead and anyone can just have anyone they want, I will not have that” Mama Rose continued giving his grandson a chiding look while patting Jin’s hand

“I want my Keiko to be courted properly, you are already perfect as you are but I still want to know for sure that you are worthy of my Keiko” Mama Rose said she knew that Officer Jin is already worthy of her Keiko, haven’t he heard his confession earlier, to her that is proof enough that the guy loves his grandson she just needed to make sure being the protective Mama that she is

“Mama Rose, thank you, I would do everything to prove that I am worthy of Keiko” Jin said winking at the younger guy in front of him, Kame was more than happy to jump back at the arms of Jin when Mama Rose intercepted him and literally dragged his grandson to the dining room telling Jin to follow them so they can eat dinner

“Keiko cooked this, he cooks when he’s troubled” Mama Rose said still not letting the love birds sit together so Kame ended up sitting next to Mama Rose and Jin opposite him

“It’s a good therapy to forget about anything and just concentrate on the task of perfecting the taste of the food” Kame said offering food to his Mama Rose first and then to Jin

“I didn’t know you can cook” Jin said helping himself with some mashed potatoes, he found that after their first date he love mashed potatoes now and added some steamed vegetables on his plate and taking a slice of roast beef

“I had some friends over at the culinary department and they shared with me their recipes and I would create them and let Mama Rose sample the dishes” Kame said and something in his eyes tells Jin that the younger guy is up to something

“The first few times that he started cooking was horrible” Mama Rose said while eating

“That was understandable Mama” said Kame and smiled sweetly at Jin

Jin felt that something was slithering on his leg, he thought that probably Ran-chan was under the table when he felt that the movement is going up higher on his leg to his thigh and then he spotted Ran-chan still at the arms of Mama Rose when the movement is now directly towards his crotch

He then looked at Kame and saw him devilishly smiling at him with eyes filled with passion and mischief

“Keiko begged me to be honest with him to tell him what was needed or lacking on the food that he prepared…” Mama Rose continued her story telling all the while Kame’s foot was massaging his now throbbing chinchin and he cannot help but feel excited over what the younger guy was doing to him

“Don’t you agree Jin” Mama Rose asked him and for the life of Jin he cannot remember what was the question as all the blood in his body was rushing to his head both up and down drumming on his ears hence he was not paying any attention to the flow of conversation that Mama Rose was saying

“Uh, what was that Mama Rose” Jin awkwardly asked Mama Rose and saw the twinkling of the eyes of the younger guy that caused him to be inattentive

Payback will be sweet Jin decided

“I said that any decent housewife should know how to cook before marriage, isn’t that right?” Mama Rose thankfully repeated her question

“That is right Mama Rose” Jin said finally capturing the foot that was causing havoc to him finding that it was bare and with his eyes signaling for the younger guy to stop it

“Are you alright Jin, you look a little flustered to me, and you have beading perspiration, I think I should turn on the electric fan” Mama Rose said and rising from her chair turn on the fan

“Thank you Mama Rose, a little hot in here but I am alright now” Jin said and slowly massaging the foot that now rested in between his legs, trailing his fingertips to the sole of the foot till the back of the knee and see the younger guy in front of him shiver

Jin was flashing the younger guy his most seductive smile

“Alright now, that should work, oh and let us open a little wider the windows as well, fresh air is always a good thing here in the country” Mama Rose said and marched to the nearest window her back facing the table operating the windows

Jin silently growled at the younger guy that is also silently asking him to let go of his foot but Jin did not relent, Jin took note that his sweetheart his ticklish on his foot and so determined to give him the same dose of his medicine, teasing him like that making him hot like that, then he will get a glimpse of how hot he was Jin decided

He slowly unzipped his pants and moved Kame’s foot directly touching his chinchin, with his big toe trailing his shaft under his boxers, he saw Kame’s eyes widen and the colors changing into a darker shade, passion is now dawning on him and filling his eyes making him open his lips and making labored short breathing

His plan backfired on him

Seeing the younger guy in that state only increases his passion, he was not a voyeur but looking at Kazu like that makes all those erotic thoughts come closer to reality.

“Keiko, stop hiding under the table, sit up straight, I taught you better than that” Mama Rose chided seeing his grandson almost slipping under the table with a death grip on the sides of his chair

“Jin, I thought you are cooling now, but look at that beads of perspiration on your forehead, wait here, I will get you a towel” Mama Rose offered and continue walking out of the dinning room and probably to her bedroom to get that promised towel

“Come here Kazu and do something about this” Jin said immediately after making sure that Mama Rose is out of the room pointing at his chinchin after letting go of the younger guys foot

“Why would I do that, you did that to yourself” Kame teased knowing that he was in no better shape

“You started this” Jin said and thinking that taking a gulp of cold water should somehow lessen it than actually taking a cold shower, he was just about to reach for the pitcher when he felt something was caressing his legs and his thighs

Kazu disappeared from the chair opposite him like magic

He knew instantly who was under the table and doing the touching, he was both excited and apprehensive for any minute now Mama Rose might walk back in and will find them in this position, and didn’t she said that no impurity should be made on her house

“Kazu, what are you doing there?” whispered Jin gritting his teeth together for the younger guy is now massaging his thighs

“Trying to be a cat here or a dog Jin” and adding a soft purr and barking sound to complete his ministrations

“Go back to your chair sweetheart, this is becoming difficult for me” Jin tried to push the cat slash dog away but the kitty slash doggie was now in between his legs

“Meowww meowww” Jin thought to laugh at that but he was throbbing so much that pain and pleasure is now hard to separate

“Rufff ruff” Any moment now Jin knew that Kame is close to his bulge and in any moment now Mama Rose might come back and he just wish that the first one will happened first

Darn it. Mama Rose was faster than the speeding light.

“Here you go Jin” Mama Rose announced at the doorway of the dining room, handing him the towel, Jin thought that it was a good thing that the table had a floor length table cloth or else Mama Rose will die of embarrassment seeing his grandson in that position facing Jin

“Oh where did Keiko go?” Mama Rose said after looking at the vacant chair next to her

Jin took the towel and roughly towel dried his sweats and placed the towel on his lap for added protection of hiding his Kazu or his chinchin from peeking out

“He just went to the bathroom” Jin thought his voice gave him away for it was hoarse and he sounded out of breathe, he thought as well that any moment now he will be thrown out of the house or worst murdered by this sweet old Oba-chan for defiling her beloved grandson who is now wreaking havoc on his senses for he is now tracing his fingers ever so lightly on his manhood that Jin made to shift his sitting position to ease the pain slash pleasure

“Oh that reminded me, I don’t remember if I turn off the water faucet in my bedroom bathroom” Mama Rose said and was about to march out of the room again when she heard a cat purring

“Is that I cat I hear?” Mama Rose said looking at the officer in the table

Jin grabbed hold of the younger guy under the table to make him stop making any more cat and dog sounds for he doesn’t wish to be murdered

“I think so Mama Rose, I think a cat is outside the window, I heard it too earlier” Jin said trying to look at the window so Mama Rose won’t see that he was lying

“Oh probably some of the stray cats, Ran-chan doesn’t like any stray cats” Mama Rose mentioned and finally let the now energetic dog down and Ran-chan immediately ran under the table to join his Mama

Mama Rose finally marched out of the room and Jin peeked under the table cloth that was now at level of his tummy to see a very mischievous looking cat looking up to him cradling a very real dog looking up at him as well

“Come out of there neko” Jin said and immediately stood up to zip his pants and try to walk it off the stiffness away

For a cat hating dog, Ran-chan sure loves this neko for he is now happily wiggling his tail while being cradled to his chest while under the table

Jin was thinking that what Kame did was a close call, and he was equally to be blamed for he did go with it. It surprised him that the long suppressed desires that he have for the younger guy can spark into a full blown passion in just a matter of seconds, heck he wanted his love to go all the way with him and was actually silently cursing why Mama Rose keeps on interrupting them.

“Kazu come out of there” Jin said and was just finally getting his hard on under control when he whirled around and found Mama Rose there at the doorway, he quickly lowered his hands in front of his crotch

“What were you both doing” Mama Rose said looking at Jin

“Uhm, Mama Rose, I uhm, we are just..” Jin stammered

“I mean, what are you both doing there Ran-chan and Keiko, get out from the under the table, I heard the officer tell you both” Mama Rose said directing her attention now at the table

“Jin, ever since we got Ran-chan it has been a habit of Keiko and Ran-chan to hide from me under the table, it’s their version of hide and seek” Mama Rose said smiling and totally missing the fact that her beloved Keiko was just earlier playing footie with him and quickie massaging game

Thank goodness for his reprieve

Kame and Ran-chan finally crawled out of the table and was now sitting again on the chair opposite Jin with that mischievous smile and twinkling of the eyes of the younger guy and heaven help him he thought that Ran-chan was teasing him as well with his tail wagging like that and looking at him with those adorable puppy eyes

The dinner was finally finished without any more teasing from the younger guy, the conversation was kept light all throughout the dinner and when Mama Rose announced that she’s done eating and just will go straight to her room to bring her tea there and rest for it had been a long day for her, she instructed that the washing can be done tomorrow, but Kame promised to do the dishes and Jin offered to help, Mama Rose reminded them of keeping their hands off each other which drew laughter from the love birds thinking they can just use their feet

“One last thing, Jin you will be sleeping on the right room upstairs, next to my room as Keiko’s room is on the left side of my room, so I will know and I will hear if anything is happening, got that…. Keiko?” Mama Rose said not really concerned that the officer will do anything, but her darling grandson might

“Also Keiko, find some of your grandfathers clothes for Jin to use after you’re both done with the dishes” Mama Rose said and left the room

“That was very dangerous what you did there” Jin said to Kame

“But we did not get caught” Laughed Kame and was handing Ran-chan to Jin while he started collecting the dishes to bring to the kitchen

“What if we got caught, Mama Rose will have a heart attack because of us” Jin said now playing with Ran-chan and inspecting his earlier injured leg

“I can be very very discreet Jin if I want to” sassily Kame said while winking at the officer

“Meowww” purred the now laughing neko carrying the dishes to the kitchen

“Ran-chan, that is why I love your Mama, are you ok with me being your Papa?” Jin must be losing it for he just thought he saw the dog nod his head before cuddling up at him gave him soft whimpers of approval

Jin was about to follow his sweetheart in the kitchen when he heard someone knocking on the door and the doorbell chiming so he directed his steps instead there.

“Kame-chan! Kame-chan! I’m back!!!” announced by the very much foreign sounding guy with his hands spread open as if announcing his importance in Kame’s life

Jin made a closer inspection of this guy who came calling for his sweetheart;

-          Stylish blonde hair
-          Perfect fashionable tailored jeans
-          Creaseless folded at the elbow polo with few unbuttoned buttons revealing smooth chest
-          Gleaming polished boots
-          Tall, toned and slightly muscled and athletic body
-          With pearly white teeth, pinkish tan and engaging smile

“Pi-chan? Pi-channnn” Kame came running from the kitchen screaming the name, with his hair daintily tied behind his back, with some of his hair that escaped the confinement framing his angelic face and wearing that lavender patterned lilac colored apron, he just looked like any housewife would

The cheating kind Jin thought jealously

For he was just there on the side of the door looking in on the happy interlude of his wife hugging the foreigner who was happily twirling his wife around making his wife giggle in happiness

He never knew he was the jealous kind, until this time

It was a good thing that he is carrying Ran-chan and Ran-chan acknowledged that he was his Papa or else he would have used brute force to separate the two

It’s his turn now to say that he hated all the names that starts with the letter “P”

Nobody messes with Officer Akanishi Jin, especially if that involves the mother of his dog.

~^~ End Chapter 10 ~^~

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[Fic] Figments of Imaginations - Part 2


He was wrong.

He woke up without a stitch of clothing on and his butt hurts like hell and there were traces of blood on his legs.

Kamenashi Kazuya was raped by the big boss.

And from that day on, he was made the favorite of the boss, he was used anytime the boss wanted it as told that the boss was taken in with his looks and lusted for his slender body the moment he saw him on his room. He was possessive as well, if anyone ever dared to look at him with what the boss interpreted as anything, severe punishment will be given to the onlooker and he will be subjected to cruelties as well, there were a time when they dine outside and he was made to wear a female yukata without anything underneath and the boss was fondling him and sticking up an egg shaped vibrator up into his ass and played with it while having their dinner, or that time when the boss had a meeting with his cronies and he asked him to serve them some tea and coffee with only a small frilly apron covering his crotch and the boss signaled him to pour some milk on his tea and it turns out that he had a different milk in mind, in front of his cronies the boss jerked him off and asked him to cum into his tea so he can drink his tea hot and if it goes cold he will get punished, the men surrounding the table knows that they should not show any reaction or look at him else they will suffer the consequences but no one can hide the fact that they are feeling hot based on the erections that they are having seeing that lovely guy being jerked off by their boss.

He tried to escape a couple of times and it was not an easy task, the first time he tried to escape the men got to him fast and was taken back immediately to the boss on which the boss was more than happy to give his punishment that turns out to be hanging him upside down for hours and using a beating stick on him, that made it impossible for him to walk for a couple of days.

The second attempt was almost a success, the boss will go away for a business and he took with him almost all of his men, he only stationed two men to take charge of him and his other whores, he knew that it would take him days before he go back for it was not a business meeting per se but more of business killing with the other gang that was threatening his host slash prostitution business, he needed to kill the competition. So he was almost about to reach the courtyard when the guards were sleeping when the former favorite spotted him trying to climb the fortress, he knew that the former favorite resent him for he is no longer getting the nice treatment from the boss, so thinking that he will gain their boss’s favor again, he woke up the guards and pulled him back inside the house. It turns out that the boss decided not to personally pursue the business meeting and was about to go back into the house when his men called him and reported his attempt to escape again, the cronies were ordered to strip him naked and shackled into one of their prison cell awaiting for his arrival. The boss found out that it was his former favorite who found him trying to escape and the boss rewarded him by being his favorite again, they went to the prison cell and the boss had his way with him and all the while looking at his chained whore motioning for the other men to come inside and have their way with him.

He never tried to escape again.

He knew based from previous body disposal that they will throw his body near the secluded area of the graveyard, and prior to this night he already hid somewhere not far away from there his getaway car, waiting patiently for the boss to get tired of their victim and fervently wishing that the captive would last long enough for his plan to take action, he wished that he will be strong enough till the day of their escape, hence at every opportunity that he can, he was bringing their captive medicines to take and tended his wounds.

Akanishi Jin must live, he just must live.

Wrapping his feverish, scarred and badly beaten body, the three cronies of the big boss dumped his body in their van, the same van that was used in capturing him some weeks ago and now being used again to dispose of his body; Kamenashi hid himself at the back of the van, hiding with a black blanket to cover him. They have reached the slope where the graveyard starts and went all the way veering from the normal path of the graveyard till they reached that secluded area where they usually dispose of their captives bodies.

“Is he still breathing?” asked the middle guy

“I’m not sure, his not moving though” said the smallest guy

“Doesn’t matter, he will soon die anyways if he is not dead yet, either he will die from loss of blood or the night crawlers will kill him” chuckled the biggest guy

“It’s a shame that it ended with this one, I kinda liked him” said the smallest guy clearly still lusting for him

“We had our fill of enjoyment, so let’s just find another one” said the middle guy signaling to the biggest guy to help him haul their captive and toss it on the ground

All the while that they are doing that, Kame slipped out of the van and hid in the dark corners of the trees hoping that Akanishi is still holding on, so whilst he waited for the cronies to finish, Kamenashi was saying his prayers that his plans will go smoothly. He just got a confirmation from his friend that his aunt and sister are already on their way to the protective custody of women and children’s department, for months he had carefully and discreetly sent letters to the head of the department asking them to place his family into one and in return he will give them much needed informations about the big boss’s prostitution business as it turns out that the boss had been in the watch list of the department and of the police as there had been too many reports of missing children both boys and girls in the neighborhood and all leads points to the boss but no substantial evidence can be retrieved.

He felt personally responsible for the boss’s latest victim as he took part in scheming him, he felt guilty for he knew of the possessiveness of the boss but still, when he went to that convini and saw the gentleness and the concern on the face of the store clerk, he immediately felt for the first time in ages he was human again, he liked the gentle features of his face, his voice, his nose, his eyes and his lips and he temporarily forgets that he was always in surveillance, hence when he lost his grip on his purchases and the store clerk handed it over to him, he gave him his smile and he knew that the boss’s cohorts saw it, and reported it, but he never knew that they were planning something about it until the last time he went there and the boss after having his way on him, drugging him putting a pill on his butt that he knew was a euphoric pill asked him to dress up like a host and accompany the biggest guy somewhere and though he was surprised he compiled not wanting to get any more punishments, and when they finally stopped at their destination he was surprised to be stopping at the convini store and the biggest guy ordered him to flirt with the person inside or else the boss will punish him.

He was having second thoughts, he much rather have the punishment than to include this innocent guy in the boss’s antics. He knew he was baiting the store clerk when he came inside the store but the pill was taking effect and he knew he was attracted to him and he was secretly wishing that they were on a different world, to have met him under different circumstances but they were not and they were being watched, so throwing himself at the arms of the store clerk who did not resent his advances just made him all the more passionate with his kissing, his dry humping just to release this erotic feel inside of him. And when the store clerk told him to come back again that night so they can continue what they were doing, he was more than willing to come back but he knew it would not happen as the biggest guy started towards the door he knew that the store clerk is now in trouble.

And after a couple of days, he saw him again on that prison cell in the middle of the forest, the boss brought him there as he said that he has a gift for him, but he knew with his cruel heart that it was not a good gift.
He wanted to cry when they started sexually assaulting him, violating him, mutilating him, sodomizing him, hurting him, but he cannot, he knew that the boss was watching him, checking if he will show any signs of emotions for then he will inflict more pain to their captive and he doesn’t want that, he felt guilty enough that he was brought here because of him and all because he felt human again by receiving the affection of the captive.

The three men took off, careless for not checking if anyone saw them, Kamenashi thought that surely that was a hand of the gods for he can just easily go to where the captive’s body is over to his getaway car.

But first he must be taken to the hospital so they can tend to his wounds.

He brought him to the car in the passenger side and was carefully wrapping him in the blanket and was about to put his seatbelt on when the captive pulled his face and kissed him on the lips, he was mumbling about release for he wanted to ease the burning sensation that he was feeling, Kamenashi forgot about the pill that was inserted on him and the ring that was placed at the base of his shaft, he knew that if he did not do something about this, he won’t last long enough till the doctors can take care of him.

“My angel…” weakly the captive spoke

“Hush now, save your strength” Kamenashi hushed

“You saved me…” the captive spoke again this time looking directly at his eyes though still glazed with the effects of the drugs

“No, you saved me” Kamenashi stated for he knew that that was the truth

He kissed him back with equal passion, passion that he knew was real coming from deep inside his heart, and he ached to see the first person that showed his affection in this way, slowly he reached for the captive’s shaft and carefully tried to remove the ring to release the pain that he was feeling and as much as he could, he helped the captive climaxed.

He dropped him off in the emergency entry of a neighboring district hospital, he doesn’t want him to be in the nearby hospital fearing that if the cronies decided to come back in the graveyard and did not find him there they will search the nearby hospitals and he might be found. And he doesn’t want to go inside the hospital fearing that he will be questioned on how the captive suffered such state. He was not ready yet to be associated with him, not when the part of his deal with the department to ensure his family’s protection was to go under cover for them so they can gather enough evidences to lock away the boss and hopefully dissolve the prostitution syndicates.
After placing him on the entry way of the emergency doors, making sure that he was well covered aside from his bloody face visible from the blanket, he went to his car and waited for a few minutes making sure that someone from the hospital will see him, and finally when two nurses looking people opened the doors and saw the captive there signaling for a stretcher to be brought, he finally drove on.

Farewell for now my love.

It was only then that the reality of what the captive means to him was he able to realize that he will try all his might to bring justice to the atrocity that they did.

It took the doctors hours to repair all the wounds that was inflicted on Akanishi’s body, it was as miracle that aside from a couple of infected wounds, all seemed to be tended professionally, he will be having a lot of scars on which the doctor thought can be repaired by cosmetic surgery if the patient wanted it. Though he was severely dehydrated and lost a lot of weight the only major harm done to he was the tear on his rectum that needed surgery. The hospital called police investigators so they can confirm that their patient was a victim of rape and serious physical injuries but cannot interview the patient yet as he was still under sedation after the surgery.

He woke up in the hospital and the doctors explained to him how they have found him, though no one can tell him if they saw the person that brought him there. The investigators took turns into questioning him and he recounted everything from the beginning of the abduction till the on and off memories that he can remember, mentioning that he was rape but did not go on to details feeling that the shame of recounting those memories will be too much and base from the way the investigators are looking at him, he felt being judged, he continued saying that he doesn’t know who took him or remember where he had been taken he said that he can recall tombstones but he was not sure if those are just imaginations his mind was tricking him or if he really saw that. He asked the investigators what was the date was during one of their interviews and apparently he was in captivity for four weeks, four weeks of pure hell.

It took him a week to recover and he thought fit enough to just rest in his home, he wanted to resume his normal life, but looking back he knew he wouldn’t be normal ever again. He wanted to check on his stores for the weeks that he went missing, he knew things would be bad but he was glad that the people that he hired were decent responsible people that tried their best to cope up when he was not there, he knew he should commend them for that for his stores are what he only have left and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to it.

After days and nights of burying himself in the sorting his business, he never did once sleep. As whenever he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep he instantly dreams of those nights that he suffered, he was being pulled back to those black times when he wished he was dead.

That is when his drinking started he would always awaken perspiring and out of breath his wounds that are now healing seems to throb with pain and the only solution that he thought was drowning it with alcohol so he will pass out numb from anything and everything.

He thought of seeing a psychiatrist as per the advice of his sister, who is unknowing of what had truly happened to him or the extent of the abuse that he received, he just mentioned that he was not getting any sleep. He doesn’t want his sister to worry about him, she just gave birth to his nephew and the stress would be too much for her and she knows her sister, if possible she will fly back to Japan to see him and he doesn’t want that, he cannot think of how embarrassing for him to tell all what had happened to him to his sweet little sister.

During the first months of his release, he frequent the police station just to check up on the progress of the case and he was raging mad as it seems that the head of the police department doesn’t care about his case, he was being dismissed quickly every time he asked for an update, he suspected something isn’t right and he just doesn’t know what it was.

It was painful for Kamenashi to watch from the distance the almost every day checking of Akanishi with the police department, he knew for a fact that the head of the department was working under the boss and a few other big shot syndicates, and may have heard of a few crimes like that of what happened with Akanishi that he was trying not to draw any attention to him by quickly dismissing the complainant.

Akanishi was sort of lucky thought Kamenashi when he decided to bring him to that hospital, the head of the police cannot associate him with the big boss as he was found in that hospital for there were a few big shot syndicates within that district, if Akanishi were found in the hospital with the same district of the big boss, it would be an easy problem to solve for the head of the police will just report it to the big boss and his cronies will take it from there, to forever silence the victim.

Akanishi gave up after what seems to be long months of no update of new leads for his case, he just thought that he will be forever battling this demon inside him and will not get any justice at all, whenever he was on a whim to just challenge the police to give him anything he pass by at the station but never raising his hope up.

He wanted to end his life.

Saved for a fact that there were those nights that instead of dreaming about nightmares he was actually dreaming about that ethereal white figure that was crooning him soft gentle voice telling him that all will be alright and he will save him.

Kamenashi was just waiting for a few more days and he will be able to be totally free of being under the protective custody of the department, his job as their undercover was done months ago, but as the operative people are still planning the capture via entrapment of the big boss, he was cautioned and advised to stay hidden until they have secured the big boss and his cronies in the maximum penitentiary, for they might go after him and his family again. During the time of his undercover work, he was able to supply the department with pictures and videos that shows the cruelty of the boss as well as all his illegal activities involving, human and sex trafficking, slavery, illegal detention of women and minors, drug trafficking.

Three days from now, Kamenashi will be able to face Akanishi and tell him everything that he knows, starting with the first time that they have met in that convenience store. He was unsure on how the other guy will take it once he knew that he was someone involved in his captivity. On how he was used as bait and targeted him all because he showed kindness to him.

Kamenashi just prayed that he can do something to help the other guy understand and possibly forgive him.

The clock is striking midnight on the anniversary of his blackest life.

He was waiting for the pills that he swallowed to take its effect and to take away the numbness he felt.

This is it, he thought, Kamenashi is now at the door of Akanishi’s apartment, he willed himself to go to his apartment to tell him the good news that the police people were successful in their entrapment and the big boss and his cronies were served with their subpoenas and they are going straight to the prison.

Justice will finally be served.

He knocked on the door, no answer.

He tried again, and still no answer, he felt something isn’t right.

He forced his way inside and found him laying on the couch unmoving, white foamy bubbles on his mouth.

He was so scared of losing him, the first man that he had ever loved, yes love, for the truth just dawned on him now, he loved Akanishi with all his heart, he loved him ever since their eyes met there on the convini, he love him for he showed that he cared for him, he love him because when he was held by him, he felt needed, worthy and happy.

The drive going to the hospital went by like a blur, he was put into emergency and doctors were trying to revive him, pumping his stomach to remove all the pills that he had swallowed, all along Kamenashi was silently praying and asking his maker to help the doctors and nurses in reviving his love, so he can at least tell him that he love him once and beg for his forgiveness.

If the doctors found it strange that their patient had scars all over his body, they never asked him, but informed Kamenashi that it was very fortunate that he got there on the hospital that time for any minute more the patient could have died for the pills that he swallowed were already in its dissolving state and will trigger massive organ failure. The doctors told him that the patient will be alright, though they will keep him for a few days just to make sure that no other complications will occur, and then he was ushered to his room.

Akanishi lay there on the bed motionless, with only the soft beeping sound of the monitor can be heard, Kamenashi then let the tears fall, he was holding his tears when he rushed him in the hospital and even when the doctors were operating on him, but he was alone now with his love, he felt that it was now alright to let those tears fall for it represents all the hurt and sadness that he felt for Akanishi, for all the sufferings that he endured because of him.

He sat down next to his love and held on to his hand, gently and silently praying for a miracle.

He was back in the hospital again; same thing last year, the only difference now is that he can remember some things before he was totally out of it. He remember swallowing the pills that he took from his store and waited for it to take effect, and when it did he thought that his mind was playing tricks on him coz he saw the same angelic face that cared and saved him during those dark nights, he even listened to the soft voice that his angel was saying, he wanted to just stay like that so he can be with his angel a little longer, when the next thing he remembers is that he is now lying on the operating table with masked faces of doctors looming in on his, he knew they were trying to save him.

But he much preferred to be saved by his angel.

Soft sobs can be heard

Someone was saying something he cannot understand

His hand felt wet

Akanishi finally opened his eyes and found someone sitting next to his bed with its head bent down, with his hand enveloped on his. It felt weird because he loved the feeling of those hands holding him, he gently squished the hands that were holding him and there he found his angel.

The same caramel brown eyes filled with tears are now looking back at him

“You’re awake!” Kamenashi exclaimed, holding ever more tightly his hand

“You’re here” Akanishi said, though it had been such a long time since he last saw this person, but he felt that he was always been close to his heart

“I am so sorry” Kamenashi said still the tears kept on falling down on his cheeks

“You don’t have to be, it was probably a spur of the moment back then” Akanishi said thinking that the reason why this guy was saying sorry was due to his non show up on his invitation on the last day he saw him

“No, not just that, there’s a lot of things I want to say to you and I want you to understand and forgive me” Kamenashi rushed on explaining pleading with his eyes

Akanishi doesn’t have any idea what the other guy was talking but something inside him tells him that this is no longer just about him being stood up but something far more serious.

Kamenashi doesn’t know where to start his explanation but one thing he knows he should do, he must introduce himself

“I am Kamenashi Kazuya, I have one younger sister and we live with our Aunt in her small apartment, currently they are under the protective custody of the Women and Children’s Department for I was hired under false pretense and was made as a trade sex slave and on the day that you were abducted was the last time that you saw me, and your pain was because of me” Kamenashi started though he hated retelling all that had happened but he knew that Akanishi deserves to know everything.

When he started telling the other guy the story he was holding on to his hand so that he can draw strength from it, but right after he mentioned that he was the reason for his abduction, Akanishi let his hand go.

He felt that the physical separation tore at his heart, he felt abandoned but he deserves that.

“I never thought that you will be caught in the middle of this cruelty of the boss, every time that he will use me and torture me and physically hurt me, I will go to that convenience store to buy the same things that I bought when we saw each other, I taught myself of healing my injuries for I knew that I will not stay there for long, I must escape. And on the first day that we’ve met, I thought that the same usual old man will be there, the cronies of the boss already knew him and taught him his lesson for speaking to me, so I was comfortable just walking in there and when you talked to me, there seems to be something in you that I felt really nice, you were nice to me and that is where I knew I was wrong, I tried not to notice you but when you’ve followed me outside and I am thankful that you did for I may have fallen but I was also scared for you, for the boss’s cohorts are there, I thought they did not noticed for they are parked far from the store, but I was wrong, they knew and they saw us and though they told the boss about it, he waited for that last day when we met to have his cruelty. After he used me, he drugged me and told one of his cronies to bring me to you, I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you, the boss threatened to get my sister and sell her and to kill my aunt. The boss knew that you were special to me, he knows it and I knew it, so when the drugs are taking its effect on me, part of my desire was because of the drugs but a whole lot of it was because I thought that was the last time that I will saw you, I thought that he would kill me as what he did to the others before me, what I didn’t thought was that he will take you instead”

All the while Kamenashi was crying as the pains of reliving those memories are too much for him and he darted a quick look at the guy sitting now on the bed, looking far away with eyes so unreadable.

“And so when the boss took me to his one of many hide away in the forest, I thought that there is where I will die, but instead I saw you, and I wanted to help you and take you away from that place but I knew that if I show an ounce of compassion to you, the boss will kill you instantly and that will kill me for I could never ever live seeing the man that I love killed.” He was having difficulty breathing now because of all the labored breathing and crying that Kamenashi is doing, he is now gripping the bed sheet with his two hands and bowed his head low

“I don’t know when I started loving you, you’re the first person that made me feel like human again and that you have made my heart beats again, so seeing you there being tortured, I wanted to take your place and beg them to release you but I got scared my only hope was that I can nurse you back into strength so I can bring you with me when my plan to escape has been completed” Kamenashi added

Akanishi was listening to this guy who is retelling him all those dark times that he experienced exactly one year now, but he was no longer angry nor mad, he just felt a little at peace knowing what had caused his abduction and knowing that someone shared the same experience as what he had made it a little comforting to him that the pain that he has can now be understood by another person.

“I never thought that you will going to make it, most of the times when I was nursing you, you were blacking out or going into dead faint that I thought we might not make it, but I prayed and prayed that you will have enough strength and that a miracle will happen so we can escape”

So it is clear now to Akanishi that the white ethereal figure that was helping him was not an angel from heaven but an angel from this life.

“When they disposed your body in the nearby cemetery I sneaked in the van and I prayed that they will just leave you for you are not moving at all, and my prayers had been answered they left you there and I half carried half dragged you to the car that I hid not far away, and drove to the neighboring district hospital at the emergency doors, I watched you from my car when the medics took you inside and twice I have looked in on you when you are still on the recovery room but stayed away for I was advised by the department not to get visibly involved with you for I may be followed and thus placing you again in danger, I was so desperate to see you and to tell you everything but my under covering assignment has not yet been completed, I was part of the plan to bring the boss and his cohorts along with all his illegal activities down” Kamenashi lifted his head now and was directly looking at the other guy who is equally shedding tears of his own

“And you know what; today I just got a call from the head of the Department telling me that the boss and his cronies are all on their way to the national penitentiary to serve lifetime imprisonment including the head of the police department where you filed your complaint, that is the reason why I came to your apartment, for months now I had been shadowing you, looking in on you to see if you are still holding on and I was very heart broken every time I see that you are looking ready to give up, I wanted to run to you and hug you and tell you that all will be well and your justice will now be yours and mine too”

“But when there was no answer from my knocks, I knew something was wrong, and there you were unmoving and I thought to myself, I will not let you go, I will fight for you for your life to get you back, I am selfish like that, I want you to know everything and I want you to know that I love you” Kamenashi said while kissing the hand of the other guy

“I wanted to die..” Akanishi said in a hoarse voice full of emotions

“I wanted to end this suffering, this pain that nobody knows..” Akanishi said

“Twice now that you have saved my life..” Akanishi whispered

“Twice now that I felt someone was looking after me, and many times during that dark nights of my life you were there for me, those times were my saving grace, there were times that I just wished I would blacked out just so I can conjure you up thinking that I was only able to see you coz you are just figments of my imaginations, but you are here and you are real” Akanishi stated

“I’m sorry for causing you this pain” Kamenashi said

“I’m sorry for being a coward and not telling you earlier” Kamenashi continued

“Hush, don’t say that, you did not do anything wrong, you were a victim here as well” Akanishi said

“The only that matters now is that we are both alive, I am alive thanks to you, and that all those bad people that did this to us are now in prison and we have our lives back and justice given to us” Akanishi mentioned

“Can you ever forgive me” Kamenashi asked

“How can I not forgive the person that I love” Akanishi said and guided the other guy to sit next to him on the bed

“I think I knew I loved you ever since that first meeting, something in you has touched my heart, I cannot point a finger on it but when your eyes met mine, I think I fell in love with you” Akanishi confessed

“And when you seduced me on that last day when we met, I was actually ready to ask you if you mind seeing me again, I was actually looking forward to seeing you and pick up somewhere from there on” Akanishi said cupping the face of the now again crying other guy

“No I think it’s time for you to know me” Akanishi teased

“I am Akanishi Jin” he said

“In love with you, Kamenashi Kazuya” Akanishi lowered his lips to Kamenashi to seal his words with his passion

“And I love you too Akanishi Jin” Kamenashi said
Hi mouth was met half way by Kamenashi who in all his passion shared his heart with the guy that he thought was the most wonderful person in the world.

“So what are we going to do now Jin?” asked Kazuya

“We will start our life together away from here if you want; we will live where nobody knows us” Jin said after kissing Kazuya, hugging him while both of them lay there on his bed

“I like that; can we bring my sister with me?” Kazuya asked

“Yes and your aunt too” Jin answered

“My aunt would probably not go with us, she much prefer to stay here though I think with one of her friends overseas” Kazuya said

“What about your stores” Kazuya asked

“I will place someone to regularly check on them while you are I are away and oversee from there” Jin said

“Thank you Jin” Kazuya said

“No my love, it should be me whose doing that, thank you for saving my life, thank you for entering in my life” Jin said hugging the younger guy tightly

“For fresh start Jin” Kazuya sighed

“For a life together with you, forever” Jin promised

His nightmares left him

Replaced by sunshine and warmth brought by the love that he never expected would still be his

Anyone who would be privy to their story would probably ask why he got by to forgive easily and the simple fact is that nothing should be forgiven

His love was able to conquer everything else

Selfless, giving, constant and all out

He thought he was hopeless, he thought he was chained, he believed he was forgotten, he believed he was unworthy

But something greater than justice was hoped for

They found love

And all other nightmares were just Figments of Imaginations


So what do you think guys, my first attempt for such a dark story <3


[Fic] Figments of Imaginations - Part 1

Title: Figments of Imaginations
Author: muchie05
Pairing: AKAME
Genre: Angst + Mystery + NC-17 (for the violence and graphic descriptions)
Disclaimer: It has been such a long while since I last wrote anything AKAME of fan fiction so be gentle with this returning writer-wannabe in this wonderful fandom!
Summary: He detested himself, he wanted to die, he felt so dirty and so unworthy to even be alive. He wanted to end all this torments but before his death he vowed he will get justice and he will not be stopped. He blamed himself because something went wrong and turned horribly bad, he cannot wash his hands clean for he was part of it and now he wanted to make amends but he doesn’t have any clue as to how, he only hope that those imaginations are still there for him.


It was one of those nights that he wished he was dead.

The night is dry and as humid as the desert that he was once been held captive.

He wanted to wake up from his nightmares and is praying for the strength to do that but his mind has locked him good in the nightmare that won’t stop even if he prayed for release.

He is once again back in that prison cell that was located in the middle of a forest, cave like, he cannot recall how many days or nights has he spend there, with his on and off consciousness due to the pain inflicted on him and the drugs that was forcefully administered to him. He just knew that he spent a good deal of time there being tortured; beat up, played at, violated and worst raped.

He remembered trying to scream to ask for help, but no one came and no one answered, his voice will sometimes go out from him with his unending tirade of shouting till he grows hoarse and his throat parched but no one aide him.

The prison cell is a narrow room in width but was quite long in length, there were only two low hanging light bulbs to cast soft glows in the room and he spent most of his time lying down on that old worn out cushion located at the center of the room, there were no window to let any cool air in the room so the air inside the room is so stifling that he felt that his lungs will soon give out from not getting sufficient fresh oxygen in it.

On the first night or was it day, that he got there, he was still wearing his uniform and a light jacket on top of it as fall was just beginning and the nights when he wait up for the bus has turn a little chilly for him.

But all of his clothes were stripped away from him.

He cannot remember how he got into the prison cell nor how his clothes were taken off from him all he can remember was that he was waiting for the bus to come at eleven in the evening and all of a sudden a jolt of pain on his temple as if he got struck in the head with something hard and a prick of a needle was given to his neck and everything turned black, he cannot remember anything else.

He tossed and turns in his restless sleep now, in this nightmare he can see figures of people looming in on him, faceless mask taunting him, telling him crude words and laughing deviously at him and his sorry state.

When did this nightmare happen, 3 days from now it will be exactly 1 year since that black event of his life happened to him? It will be 1 year now and still no justice had been given to him, he constantly check with the local police authority for any development and all he got was the same bullshit that those bastard police loves to say that they will inform him if anything changes and if there’s any new lead.

He is tired of waiting for justice, he is tired of waiting for peace, and his mind is losing its battle.

He must wake up, he must end this nightmare, he must keep on fighting for in those moments of blackness there is always this small glimpses of white silhouette that croons soft voices of protection and light feathery touches that warms him and his heart, so he must fight to feel that touches again and hear that voice that promises the end of his nightmares.

With a final jolt he opened his eyes and sat up, clutching his head as if trying to squeeze the nightmares away from his head, he felt so thirsty and tired as if he run a million miles and climbed the highest mountain. He slowly stood up and walked to his kitchen to grab a bottle or two or three of his cold beer from the fridge, he knew from habit that if he do not drink this night away he won’t be able to get anymore sleep. Looking at the clock it shows 3:18am and he must be on his work by 7am.

He walked to his sofa clutching the other beers on his right hand, on his way to sofa he got a glimpse of himself in the mirror and with only his bottom pajama on, he can visibly see the scars all over his upper body, the scars are from the wounds that he got from that black night, it was made by knives in all shapes and sizes. His chest is covered with medium to large crisscross cuts, and just on top of his navel was a word carved with a knife that says “UKE”. And from the look of the doctors and nurses that tended him when he was in the hospital, they told him that his back was no more sparred than his chest. There were whip gushes and knives cuts as well in there and it took them more than 6 hours to repair his back.


The word it represented disgusts him for he had been subjected to the lowest form of that word and that scar on his navel is such a reminder to him of what had happened to him those black nights. He wanted to hurt himself again, to cut something on his navel again just to erase that scar but he vowed that he will only have it removed once justice has been served to him.

For the longest time, he once again tried to relive that night before he got abducted and toyed at so the memories will still be fresh in his mind and will not forget it when it’s time for when justice is to be served.

He owns and worked at his convenience store, he was proud to even have that store set up as he doesn’t seem to fit a guy who will have a normal boring 8-5 day job. He was too independent for his own good. His loving parents are no longer with him, both are already dead and the only living relative he has is his sister who is married to an American guy and now lives in the US. So he has been really independent since their parents died at the age of 19, with the small inheritance that he got from his parents he built his convenience store and within the 3 years’ time since it operated he got good profit and started really focusing on the business, slowly the desire to build more convenience stores were established and now he has a total of 5 stores and though he has the resources to hire a lot of people, he takes pride in his first convenience store so he still mans it till last 2 years ago, he stopped working there and hired a full time employees, he just now works at the back ground and oversee his stores.

He remembers that it was his last night working at the store, he was supposed to be closed at 12midnight as per his usual practice but he thought that with the slow turn of people at the store he might as well close it for the night, heck he is the owner so he can do whatever he can. So on the dot of 10:30pm he cleared his cash counter and methodically secured all the locks of the store and stepped out on the pavement and he heads down to the bus station to catch the 11:00pm bus.

That is where it all started.

There was only an elderly man waiting in the bus stop that appeared to have fallen asleep while waiting for the bus to arrive, so he just stood there, his mind wandering about on what supplies he needed to restock for tomorrows inventory when all of a sudden something hit him on the side of his head and he felt someone put a needle on his neck and he was out cold.

His first memory when he re-opened his eyes is that he felt like he was in a moving van, with his hands tied behind him and his feet are also both tied and there’s a gag in his mouth to prevent him from making any sound. He can see three men looking at him but they were wearing clown masks to cover their faces and all seems to be wearing black overalls.

One of them started saying something about how he will enjoy the night and their captive will surely be feisty. He cannot clearly understand what they mean, and when he was just about to get his head cleared from the drug that was given to him, another man injected something to him again that made him lethargic and out into oblivion again.

He felt cold water splashed all over him.

He slowly got out from unconsciousness with the help of the water, but his body was aching him, he felt like someone just kicked him in the stomach, punched him in the face, his legs, arms and head. He felt tired and wanted to sit down but he cannot, looking up he saw that both of his arms are tied high above his head on a rope held in the ceiling of the room.

He was stripped naked.

And he can hear the leering voices of the men that took him.

“Should I go ahead and taste this bitch?” said the smallest man that keeps on making those horrid slurping sounds from his mouth.

“We should wait for the boss, he should get the first taste” chuckled by the other biggest man, who seems to be thrice the size of the other two.

“But just look at those luscious body being offered like that” persistently chuckled by that smallest guy

“Enough you two, contain your lust, or else the boss will be displease to know you got him first, we will have our fill soon enough” defended the biggest guy but contradicted himself when he went to stroke the face, the nipples and the groin of their captive

“No fair!” wailed the smallest guy, seeing what the biggest guy did only fueled his lust all the more

He cannot recall how long he was bound like that, he wanted to shout but the gag in his mouth prevented him to do so. He tried to look around his cell and knew that there were no other escape routes to take only that of the main gate where the three men are all waiting outside and occasionally shouting obscene words at him.

And then the dark night got darker.

The man that they call boss finally arrived and before he could take a look at his face the other men gave him his mask so he won’t be recognizable. He was a big man, not muscular but rotund in statue, he has a big belly and judging from the way he walks his weight bothers him. He entered the cell and ordered the other men to bring in his stuff, on which the three obeyed with gusto and much cheering for they know that their fill is about to come soon.

“So you are our bitch for the night, tsk tsk tsk such flawless skin, and your face it’s not like any other, such an angelic looking face” all the while the boss was touching in all the places that he can

“And your eyes, they held so much spirit in them, is that anger I see in it, and you have the most luscious lips” the boss stated and attempted to kiss their captive but was rewarded by biting his lips that blood spilled down his chin.

“You bastard” said the boss and slapped the captive in the face and not content with that, punched him in the stomach as well as the rage of the boss can quickly ignite into a deadly speed that the other three men intervened telling the boss that his stuffs are ready with them already before their boss killed their captive

“You will like this and by the time that I am done with you that spirit in your eyes will be gone and you will only plead slow death from me and you know what I will not give in” threatened by the boss as he walks back to where his men placed a box full of his stuff laughing

It was a box made of where nightmares start.

They had replaced the gag that was on his mouth with an apparatus surely made for S&M for it kept his mouth open at all times. They unbound his hands and feet only to be shackled on each ends and tied up pointing on opposite sides, the boss smothered lubricant to their captives body, taking great delight on how their captive dodges his hand while trying to touch his body.

“Dodge all you want but when I’m pounding you, you will only be able to moan like the bitch you are” said the boss while chuckling and trying to discard his belt and lower his pants and boxers.

“Lube him up and prepare him for me, but don’t stick any dick on him yet, I want mine to be his first” signaling, the boss nods his head to the other three who are lustingly waiting for their signal to begin their assault on their captive

He wished he was dead.

The assault made on him was not just physical; mentally he was reeling from what the men are doing to him. They begin by groping his crotch, tugging and pulling and placing a ring on at the base of his shaft,  then they all started sucking him in, biting his nipples, his navel, his inner thighs and just about anywhere they can have their teeth sunk in. Marking his body with whiplashes and cuts inflicted by the small blade that the middle guy had found in the box. Small droplets of blood poured from the cuts and the men seemed to enjoy sucking at those cuts that made the wounds puckered and even rawer. Then he felt even more violated, one of the men inserted his finger up on his butt hole and then a second finger joined in and a third finger. He screamed in agony, tears gathered in his eyes and he sure thought that he was being pulled apart with the pain that they are inflicting on him.

“Scream all you want, don’t you know that we are making it easier for you so that when the boss takes you, you won’t feel any pain” stated by the giant man and began to pull even more so

And then all of them pulled out and he thought that he was safe then, only to be assaulted again and sodomized by this time.

He saw the middle guy took a silver dildo from the box and it was such a big apparatus that he just felt really scared and frightened for his life; for he knew that it would hurt much more than the fingers that were inserted in his hole earlier. The smallest guy rubbed the dildo with lubricants and all the while stroking it with such lustful sounds coming from his sordid chuckles. He tried to break free from his bondage, he knew it was fruitless but he still tried making his wrists and ankles ever more bruised from his struggles, but by all that’s good and right, he will try to free himself. The middle guy was lubing his hole as well while he tried breaking free from the chains that binds him.

The boss stationed himself in front of the captive, propping himself on the chair facing him all the while stroking his own shaft into full erection, he is getting hard just seeing the body of their captive and while his men are assaulting him he cannot keep getting harder for he knew that he will be getting such a treat from this beauty that they have captured.

He gave the signal to lower the chains that binds the hands of their prisoner so he can bend forward, down in front of the boss, kneeling, while two men held on to his hand so he cannot inflict any harm to their boss while the smallest guy was busily fondling him behind.

He has a feeling of what would happen next and that repulsed him, the boss made him suck him off.

He felt like throwing up and he gagged as the boss made sure that his shaft will hit till the end of his mouth at his throat, he wanted to close his mouth but the gag that they placed on him doesn’t allow him to move his move, he wanted to inflict pain to this monster but he was helpless.

“Enjoying yourself now?” said the boss while signaling to the smallest man to lube their captive more and get out of the way
He was heaving when the boss pulled his shaft from his mouth, he threw up and was wishing that death to come to him and did not saw the boss position himself behind him

“You’ll enjoy this much more” declared the boss and forcefully thrust inside him that he thought that he will black out again, the pain was so much for him to take that he thought he was ripped in half

The boss kept on slamming in and out from him; he occasionally slaps his hips and buttocks too. He thought that the pain that he felt will soon turn into numbness but he was unprepared when the biggest of the boss’s guy slammed his face into his dick to suck, he was violated at both ends. The other two guys not wanting to be left aside started cutting into him again and sucking his wounds again while fondling his shaft.

“Are you enjoying now bitch, this is what you get when you mess around with fires that you don’t know anything about” said the boss, while he still slams against his butt hole

“You think you can bat your pretty eyes and be gone about it, huh?” tirade the boss

“Well, this is what you get when you play with our whores, you will be our whore” panted the boss while waiting for his climax to come, enjoying the feel of the tightness of their captives hole for he knew after how many months of surveying that this is a fresh meat, straight laced guy that has never been with a man which excites him knowing that he was the first to give him this treat

His visions are turning black now, he knew that in just a few minutes he will pass out and he was fervently wishing that he will for he cannot endure anymore of this treatment, he wanted it all to end, he wanted to be able to wake up from this nightmare.

The boss finally climaxed inside his butt hole while the man with his dick on his mouth climaxed as well, both pulled out instantly and he thought that he is about to pass out when the other two that were waiting on the sideline replaced them and took their position, that is when his world blackened.

He awaken to find himself laying down on the dirty old cushion, his body aches and hurts and he cannot move his lower half as the pain from his hips and butt is searing him causing him to whimper and tears starts welling up on his eyes.

“Oh you’re awake now” said the middle guy

“The boss said to make you eat, so you can have enough strength when he comes back for you” laughingly said the smallest guy bringing in to him a tray with food on it that he thought was the nastiest he had ever seen or smelled

“You know just looking at you makes me want to take you again, you did passed out when I was slamming into you, and you took your sweet time sleeping, six hours of resting should have made you recover for your next session” boasted the middle guy

“And that is why bitch, I wasn’t able to enjoy myself that much but you were really fuckable” laughed the middle guy

“Has he finished his food yet” asked the biggest guy holding what appears to be a watering hose

“The boss said that after feeding him make sure to give him a bath as he reeks of smell from you” the biggest guy pointing at the smallest guy who was happily chuckling with his achievement of rubbing his smell to their captive

“I like branding my bitches” said the smallest guy when last night he pissed all over their captive and asked him to swallow some as well

“Have you finished your food?” asked the middle guy looking at their captive who cannot seem to lift his body into sitting position, he helped him eat by stuffing the foul food into his mouth, enjoying his cruelty while the captive dodges away the food and trying not to choke on it

“He doesn’t seem eager to eat so drop it and let’s clean this bitch for the boss will soon arrive” said the biggest guy and turned on the water hose into its full force and aimed it at their captive’s head, then to his face, his back, his chest, his stomach, his navel, his crotch and lastly and more so in his butt that the captive screamed off with the pain, he wanted to shield his body with the beat up cushion but the other two men snatched it away from him while he rolled away, turned his back and tries to stand up but the pain just keeps him down and when he succeeded in standing up the biggest guy will aim at his dick or his butt that makes him fall down again.

He thought he blacked out again, for the next thing he can remember seeing was this white ethereal figure that floats near him, his eyes were glazed with pain but he knew it was a person for he can hear the soft words that the figure was telling him, he cannot see the whole of its face as the light from the hanging bulb was directly on top of his ethereal figure. But the face has the most beautiful eyes he has even seen. He cannot make up his mind if it was more caramel brown or hazel for it was misted with tears coupled with fear and sadness and another emotion he cannot distinguish.

Something about this apparition seemed vaguely familiar with him but he cannot put a finger on it.

“Please try to drink this it will take away some of the pain” said the voice that for him sounded closely like on edge of crying

“You have to be strong, I am so sorry” and over and over again the figure next to him was apologizing for what he cannot understand, he tried to take what was offered to him, he thought it was just water when he tasted it, he knew then that it was mixed with medicine

“Drink all of it so your wounds will not be inflamed or infected” croon the voice and he must be really losing it for he felt like the voice was coming from an angel, his very own guardian angel

“I will try to take you away from here but please keep strong, my plans are still not complete but soon it will be sorted out and I will get you out from here, I am so sorry” said his angel and with that last thought in mind before sleep enveloped him

For many days and nights he was tortured, violated, mutilated, sexually assaulted, beat up, starved and used like some sort of a dirty rag that after using was tossed at that cushion till numbness takes him or if by fortunate chance blacked out from the pain inflicted on him by the boss and his three cohorts. His only saving grace was when in between those times, his ethereal figure comes into his aide to patch his wounds, make him drink some kind of medicinal water to help him with the pain. The white figure kept constant soft words to him even though he was drifting mostly into numbness with the pain reliever that was given to him, but he was able to see a glimpse of the side of his angel’s face and he inwardly smiled for he was sure that it was a face of an angel one that he will not forgot.

He then drifted off into unconsciousness lulled with dreams

It was one of those slow days at his convenience store, where he just sits back at the counter reading the latest comic book that he got from his subscription and waited till someone comes to buy something, it wasn’t unusual that he was manning one of his outlets as his employee had an emergency with his family, he decided that instead of sending his other employees there at that outlet he made his mind to see to it as that outlet was the most troublesome amongst all his stores. They got robbed twice already that year and the location turned out to be smacked in the middle of a shady neighborhood, he thought of closing it but the look on the faces of his people when he mentioned that changed his mind as they need the money, they may not get big salaries but at least they are earning something for their families, he just made sure that the store is fully equipped with the latest warning devices and CCTV’s for their added protection.

He was notified that someone came inside his store, which surprised him as at that time of the day where everyone he thought would be having their noonning meals or midday naps, soft lavender scent floated in on him and he smile thinking that probably a girl came inside and so he put down his comic book and tried to locate where his costumer is just to see if he was correct for her to be a girl and so aisle by aisle he walked and found the slim figured person standing next to the medicine section of his store, hair softly curling below shoulders, side profile shows him creamy skin though he can see from this angle that something was amiss as there seem to be a bruises at the jaw line next to the chin. His lavender scented customer was holding two different bandages in his hands probably checking which one to buy when he made his presence known and offered his assistance.

“The one on your left hand is much better” he said which startled his customer that made it drop the bandages that it was holding

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” he apologized and tried to pick up the fallen items that was mimicked by his costumer and both of them reaching for the same item that made him saw that his right hand was badly burnt and cuts are visible as well

“Oh no, don’t worry, I am always this jumpy” said the customer and finally looking at him in the eyes and those eyes are what captivates him more than the bruises on the side of his mouth

He had the loveliest caramel brown eyes that he had ever seen with thick long black lashes framing it

“Can I help you with anything else?” he offered coz he wanted to hear his costumer speak more as with his previous speech he did not quite get it if he was really a girl or a boy for there is something different from this person

His costumer was clothed in normal jeans and sweater that he thought was too large for him but anyone can see that he was slim in stature.

“Ah no thank you, I’m just looking at which bandage cost less” the costumer said in now a clearly male speaking voice but for him it held a tinge of femininity

“The one on your left hand earlier is cheaper but most of the people who gets stuffs are looking at which is better” he said trying to understand his costumer and he knew instantly that his costumer may not have enough money to buy the costlier one

It was not his nature to give free stuffs away but something about this costumer made him do that.

He accompanied him even at the door and see that he will not drop anything on his way and he saw that there are few suspicious looking men lurking at the corner and he just hoped that his girlish costumer will not be mauled when he turn around and walk inside his store.

He was mauling it over the effect of his costumer on him, he wanted to ask more where he got his injuries, and he felt like wanting to protect him ever again from getting hurt, he thought that probably cause he looked really frail to him veering into the feminine side so his protective nature is kicking in. And he wanted to hear his customer’s voice again, for it was very melodious to him, funny but that had never happened to him before.

He was actually wishing that his customer will drop by again just so he can look at him again.

And wishes do come true; he stationed himself again for an additional five days on that convini store as his staff needed a longer period to be with his family. And within those five days he was able to see him three times and he thought that he was really being lucky being able to see and converse with his now special lavender scented costumer.

Though something isn’t right but heck he was happy just to see him

Day 1
He immediately knew that he came because of the scent that he brought with him, this time he was looking for petroleum jelly’s and he was thinking that probably he will use it for his feet to soften it or to his hands, but when he asked his costumer a soft blush crept on his cheeks and just nodded, he was trying to engage him in a lengthy conversation but he just refused to talk longer than was is needed of yes and no.
He felt a little disappointed but then, being a loner himself he thought that if he were on his shoes, he would also not say anything more than was is needed, like him he just kept to himself.

Day 2
He noticed that his special customer was limping a little and walking seems painful to him, though as much as he wanted to ask, he knew that it would be too forward of him so he just kept his constant idle talk of the weather, the new products that they have, their government and anything he can talk about but nothing personal, when he grab from the isle stack what seems to him was a woman’s sanitary napkin, he was mighty curious but then again probably it was his sister or cousin or mother that asked him to buy those. After paying the goods, as now per his usual habit, he walked his customer outside the convini and accidentally he released the door that bumped in the backside of his customer, he would have fall into the ground if not for his quick reflexes, he catches him and steadied him and slowly assisting him into full standing position as his customer is still bent over with the pain.
When his customer was able to stand straight, they were standing face to face and he can clearly see the pain on those lovely eyes, his eyes were filled with tears and he doesn’t know what possessed him but he hugged his lavender scented customer, he just wanted to offer some sort of comfort, though he doesn’t know the full extent of his injury but he just knew that it was very painful. The hug seemed like eternity but he felt that his customer was hugging him as well at the start then he felt him resist and he then let go offering his apologies but was told that there’s no need to apologize for he liked the hug.

Day 3
On the last day that he saw his customer, it was a day after he hugged him; he was out of sorts just remembering what had prompted him to hug the other guy it was beyond him. He just knew that he felt good afterwards; hell he only offered the apology as an afterthought if the other guy will punch him. The normal ringing of his convini doorbell rang and he instantly knew it was him for he carried with him his usual lavender scent, though he was dressed differently this time, he was wearing a very fashionable and flashy clothes, he thought that probably he will go out with his friends hence the clothing and his hair was all done for, he was really looking like a mixture of a host and a pimp, on which he just shrugged it off but inwardly he prefers the simpler and normal clothed guy from the other days. He said his normal greetings and was about to go to him when his door announced another customer, this time it was a big guy with hood and cap on so he cannot clearly see his face but seem familiar to him, he thought probably some customer before, so he continued his walking towards his special customer when out of nowhere he got hugged by him.

He was surprised that he was being hugged, but heck he was not mad or anything he liked that hug especially coming from his lavender scented customer. But something was amiss to him, from all those meetings, the guy was not even remotely chatty and just friendly in a little distant kind of way and now was openly hugging him with a customer insight as well. So he hugged him back and was again taken aback when he was kissed by his special customer, they lingered on the kiss and they were so into it that the younger guy was slowly grinding himself to him, begging him to take him, though the offer seems so good to him but he was working and other customer was there so, he unlocked their lips and grab hold of the other guy and told him that if he agrees he can come back later when he closes his store at 12 and they can continue what they have started, he noticed that the other customer is now walking towards the door, probably disgusted with what he saw when his lavender scented customer, pulled away from him too and quickly followed the big hooded buy, though before he go he glanced back at him, and looked him in the eyes that confused him for those eyes looked like he was about to cry and apologies at the same time, he thought that probably it was because he will not come tonight, and he was  right.

He closed his store at exactly 12 midnight and not a sight on his special lavender scented customer, so it will be a cold shower for him tonight and that was the last time he saw that other guy.

The time for his escape came one evening after he was again sexually violated and heavily mutilated by the boss and his cohorts; he was having high fever due to the inflamed raw cuts on his body and from the medicine overdose that was injected on him, they had induced him with sexual euphoric drugs that heightens his sensitivity and would make his erection and secretions uncontrollable, he knew that he was convulsing and throwing up and try as the boss to make him stop he ordered his cohorts to finally dispose of him for he has served his purpose.

“I have taken so much pleasure in you, I do hope that you will remember it by if you live, but if not then I do hope that you liked it for that is the last fucking you will ever have” said the boss finally pumping his last cum on their captives hole and kicking him to the ground where he lay there motionless

“Get him out of here, throw him and hunt for our new victim” ordered the boss zipping up his pants and hand signaling the three cohorts to prepare the van for disposal and after to roam the streets again to capture a replacement, but before heading out he stopped by at his favorite bitch who have witnessed everything from day one up to this night

“I do hope that you have learned your lesson, if you openly flirt with another guy, he will end up just like that one, remember that I own you and my men knows all that you do, who you see and talk to and they report to me just like any loyal dog, so if you feel the need to be in heat again, remember that I know where your sister is and I know her school and I can just quickly get her and sell her to the highest bidder and or I might take her myself you know how I love young girls too, how old is she now, eleven right that is the most desirable age for a young girl, so be a good bitch that you are, I know you like it when I do you rough and use all the toys that I have, so the next time, just come to me if you want to be fucked” said the boss all the while fondling him, kissing him and as much as he wanted to strike back the boss he have learned his lesson, learned it in a very painful way when his hand that strike the boss was burnt heavily.

And he feared for his sister’s life that was living with his elderly aunt outside the city. He had carefully planned over the months their course of safety and their plan to go away from the clutches of the boss soon after his first night working under the boss as a male host, he doesn’t know what the work entailed before when he applied for as he was fresh from the country so to speak, he only got to know of it when on his first night of job the manager of the club ushered him into a room with an old man as his customer which started innocently enough at first with them drinking and he was happy to know that such easy work exist and he was already looking forward to telling his aunt and sister his luck when the old man started massaging his thighs and slowly creeping to his crotch, which he thought was just an accident but when it happened again and this time the old man was already unzipping his pants and caressing him directly he punched the old man and stormed out of the room, on which the manager was alerted with and took him to the boss’s room which he thought would be his time to get fired but was actually surprised that the big boss was kind for he did not fire him but instead offered him a different job that would entail being with the boss, that he took immediately and the next thing he knew the boss handed him a celebratory glass of wine to toast his good fortune.

AKAME Couple

[Fic] Badge of Love Chapter 9

Offense 1: "Something ached at his chest not fully knowing if that is because he is affected by this younger boy or because he felt the sincerity of his excuse"
Offence 2: "I did not know that she is your girlfriend"
Offence 3: "Kazu-chan, wake up I'm not your watermelon"
Offence 4: “Because he will never get a chance to see himself grow old or see his future family and kids, not to mention even try his senior citizen card discount!”

Offence 5: “Alright, you have to meet my grandmother and ask my hand from her and promise her to take care of me!”
Offence 6: “Officer Jin, Jin-chan please go out and date my Keiko, you will never ask for anything more than my beloved Keiko!”
Offence 7: "He looked like a worried husband while his wife is giving birth"
Offence 8: "He was prepared to go all the way with Kazu"


Chapter 9

He can just hear his words echoing back to him.

I think that is how love is supposed to, to love with all our might till it aches us with both happiness and pain

He said that he will be prepared for this, but the reality of his Grandma Rose’s questions earlier hurts so much more than just mere discussions.

How could it hurt so bad like this?

But I choose to feel the pain, for I am gambling with this feeling, it comes with who I am

He was a fool to think of such and he was stupid to say things as such

He should be immune to his kind of pain, because come to think of it this pain has comes too early in this stage of relationship compared to his last one that he should be thankful for but still he was so sure that he was different, he was that sure that the love that he saw was real.

But then again, how could two guys’ s love be real

He was silently weeping all the way back to their home, his Grandma Rose concluded that they should take the taxi instead of walking as he suggested but Grandma Rose thought that the physical stress would be too much for him

She was wrong, but then again blessedly Mama Rose was looking at her purse and did not see that display of affection or else both of them are weeping for sure

But he thought that if they had walked, his heart wouldn’t be hurting like this, he preferred to hurt physically than feel this kind of hurting that felt like something is gripping his heart as if squishing all the love that he have on it

He was thinking that there is an explanation for what he saw, there should be coz he knows that his boyfriend will not be that showy with his affection

…Or was it just with him

He knows the guy is not blatantly open with PDA’s as he was a little reserved

…Or is it because he was a guy and not the same beautiful blonde girl

He was always smiling with him

…But not as something like that

He held his hands a few times already

…That is because he was such a klutz and always in need of saving

They went on a date now

…He doesn’t have any option coz he manipulated him

They kissed

…It was out of the spur of the moment thing

For the first time in many years after his first heartache, he, Kamenashi Kazuya is feeling insecure again, feeling that same betrayal of trust creeping up to his heart, the same mixed emotions of being unwanted, different, played at and humiliations that almost took his laughter, his ability to love and see the goodness in life is settling in again on his heart and in his mind.

Grandma Rose was side eyeing her grandson, as though he tried all his might not to make any sound of crying and to discretely wipe away the tears that are falling on his eyes, she cannot help but look back to where they have passed by and saw nothing to upset her Keiko, but she has this gut feeling that something did or someone caused those tears

“Keiko, are you alright?” asked Mama Rose

“I’m alright Mama” reassured Kame gently patting the hands of his Mama Rose

“We are near the house now, you can rest there” Mama Rose said

“Yes, I think the full impact of the assault is now hitting me, making me stupidly cry” stated Kame wiping away the freshly fallen tears away from his eyes

“There is nothing stupid in crying, for it helps the heart and the mind clears up” Mama Rose said double meaning her words to her beloved grandson for she is positive that there is another reason for those tears

“Thank you Mama, you always know what to say to me” Kame said hugging her Mama Rose

“And you should always know that I will listen as well if you want me to” Mama Rose said

For his response, Kame hugged his Mama Rose again and they let off the taxi and rushed inside the house. He informed his Mama that he will go directly to his room, laying down on his bed he tried to recall his first almost relationship and the pains that goes along with it so he can remember again how he was able to cope up so he can do the same with this almost failing-would-be relationship.

Back when he in high school, he was a late bloomer so to speak. He was a loner, saved for he had just but one friend on whom he was always with ever since his junior high started, that his Mama Rose was thankful for coz she thought that at least someone will be there for his grandson during his school days.

Ever since Mama Rose took his grandson with her after his parents died, they lived on their country side home, where he had his elementary and high school years, they only moved in the city when Kame decided to take up arts courses in college on which the country side doesn’t offer.

So back to his first failed attempt to have a normal relationship, surprise it to say that he courted one of his classmates on his junior high for he believed that she was the most beautiful person he has ever seen, plus the fact that she seems more girly than him.

For long months Kame pursued this classmate with his friend in tow in all their dates, he just believed then that the girl doesn’t want to go on a date with just the two of them so sometimes they double date with his friend and her friend. Gullibly he thought that it was just normal, it took Kame five months to realize that the girl was not interested with him but to his friend, she made that confession when he caught his friend kissing the girl that he was courting.

He felt betrayed then, he said that all girls are just whimsical false people that he would never fall in love again with them.

She tried explaining that though she finds Kame very appealing but she feared that he may look much more beautiful than her and that she felt that Kame was not manly enough for her, and she even furthered that she was attracted to his friend because she thought that they were in a relationship that involves man to man, so she was challenged to make his friend love her instead.

Kame cannot believe hearing that from her classmate whom he thought was beautiful inside out, but it turns out that she only has a beautiful face but she was rotten inside.

His friend then, or his supposedly friend then was the one who sickened him the most, he said that he friended him coz he felt that he needed a friend on which Kame agrees and his friend furthered his explanation saying that he had hope to deepen his relationship with him by being involved with Kame sexually as he said that he would sacrifice himself for Kame so Kame can live a normal life and Kame shouldn’t worry if he got into a relationship with their classmate because he will still be there for Kame to satisfy him.

He punched his friend straight in his jaw

He was mad at being played at, he was hurt because he trusted his friend, hence the reason he called him friend, and he despised how shallow the reason of his classmate for enduring his presence just to seduce his friend’s attraction

He mentioned everything to his Mama Rose; he was honest to tell her as well about the sexual side of the offer made by his friend. Mama Rose tried to explain to him that society has already made a preconceived norm of if they found that you are a little different from what they have set as a standard you will be prejudiced and you will be judged based on that.

Mama Rose was very careful not to linger on that topic and she was the one who convinced him that a much needed break should be done in order to grow past the hurt.

Kame remembered crying and he asked a lot of questions to Mama Rose and all was answered in the most honest and loving way any parent can do. So the pain was replaced with love, the mistrust was overshadowed with honesty and his confidence was returned to him security that if he keep on believing on himself and his capability to love and see the goodness around him, the society will accept him whole heartedly.

And so he was up until he saw Officer Jin hugging a beautiful blonde girl at the side of the street

And on the other side of the district where an officer of the law is having his catch up meal with his friend, was unaware that a very broken hearted young man is crying his eyes out because of what he had witnessed.

Jin met up with Hina-chan at the restaurant near their flower shop and spent there just a couple of hours as he had promised Mama Rose that he will drop by at their place for a offered dinner to accompany Kame, his girlfriend in filing for the case. After the short meal Jin as an added gesture walked Hina-chan to their flower shop and Jin knew that if he brought flowers to his girlfriend, Kame will surely love it.

So he asked Hina-chan to bundle up for him in fancy arrangements some lavender, lilacs, lilies and tulips though she was still hurt Jin thought that it was minor and he was a paying customer Jin was just joking though.

But just imagining Kazu getting the flowers from him made his smile wider

“Here you go Jin, make sure to put this is a flower vase so it will last long” Hina said and secretly inside she was feeling a little envious of the lucky girl that will get the flowers from Jin, for Jin turned out to be a babe hook now compared before and not just in the physical side of things but judging from the way they talked earlier on how he constantly blushes when she tried to ask a lot of questions about who he was dating, seems to her that Jin loves her so much and then giving this bouquet of flowers as earlier Jin mentioned something happened to her made her more envious of having someone loving her as well

“This will be handled with so much care” Jin said already planning on how to give the flowers to his beautiful girlfriend

“Matte, one more question Jin, you have told me so many stories about this special girl but you haven’t told me her name,” Hina said just thinking about it now

“That’s because I don’t want you to know” Joked Jin

“You still haven’t change, you’re still secretive as ever” Hina said

“But seriously give me a name so I can write it here on the card” Hina said waving the lavender colored card in her hand

“If that is the case then just write down in there,,, “To My Wife”” Jin said loving how his heart made a summersault as if rejoicing just because he had mentioned those words

“Gross, you are really cheesy” teased Hina though she thought it was really cheesy but at the same time it was really romantic and she bet the lucky girl will just feel twice the luck for getting this flowers and Jin

Officer Jin carrying the bouquet of flowers went home first to change from his uniform to his normal clothes, taking care that he dress normally and not overly much, though after three discarded shirts and two thought after jeans he settled in into a pair of brown colored corduroys and white sailor shirt, looking casual and comfortable just like anyone who will go up for a night of courtship

And since when did he paid too much attention on what he was wearing

Jin thought that ever since meeting Kame, he became more self-conscious with what he wears for he wanted to match the carefree attitude of the younger guy and match his uniqueness in just about everything and he just want to match him period.

He even stopped by at a convenience store to buy something for Mama Rose, he found a fairly decent priced bottles of wine for herself and her gang and something for Ran-chan as well a chew toy to play with and lastly, what better stuff to pair with a bouquet of flowers than with a small teddy bear and a bars of chocolates

He is one fine gentleman equipped with all the necessary items in pursuit of his love

As he was walking towards the taxi stand, on lookers are smiling at him for he was a real Casanova whose about to go Romeo on his fair Juliet that brought an added happiness to his heart.

His smile is slowly deserting him

The taxi stopped in front of Mama Rose and Kame’s house but something was amiss to Jin. Something is strange in the house, there were few lights on, the window curtains are closed so he cannot see if anyone was inside, there’s no noise to be heard from inside the house, no activity can be felt and that is it.

No one was home

He instantly tried to recall if he saw the culprit locked in the station and yes, he was there when he checked out for the day, so for sure Kame’s assailant will not return to him or to Mama Rose. And as far as he knows if there’s any accident even the policemen not on duty will get notified and he haven’t received any aside from the one where Hina was involved.

So where are Mama Rose and his Kazu?

He pressed the doorbell five times now and stills no answer from inside, he tried knocking and his knuckles are getting red from knocking still no answer. He lowered the bouquet in the nearby chair and tried to circle the house just to see if there’s anything he can find.

He was getting scared for so many reasons imaginable, and all because he feared something may have happened to his beloved Kazu
Where are you Kazu, Mama Rose

His mind is now chanting those words, trying as if by chanting those words both will magically appear before him safe and sound. He reached the front door again and he only then remembers that he had a cellphone to use to call Kame or Mama Rose, when he found he had one voicemail and one message, one which he decided the voicemail comes first and later he will read the message;

“Officer Jin, I have found my dear Keiko crying in his sleep, though he did not mention why, but I have this gut feeling that it involves you, I don’t like my Keiko being hurt but hurt he is now. I have taken him away so he can fully rest from the assault earlier and from your assault on his heart”

That was Mama Rose in her most monotonous voice, that seem to Jin broke his heart as well for he cannot remember what had happened after he left the two of them in the hospital that will warrant Kame’s heart to be broken

Then there’s the message he dreaded opening it, thinking that it must be from Kame telling him not to see him ever again, he can almost feel the bile coming up to his throat for he wanted to shout his denial and was mentally planning on how he will convince Officer Junno and Officer Ueda in conniving with him on how to trace Mama Rose and Kame using their tactical teams, when he opened his message he was so relieved he felt his heart beats again.

“Jin-kun, this is Mama Rose, sorry for that message Keiko was having a drama melt down and he wanted me to say those to you while he hears it, but here is our country home address please come here asap”

Jin mentally promises to kiss and hug Mama Rose and buy her a more expensive bottle of wine for she was sure his champion with Kame. He re-read the address and thinking that it will be a three hours drive from here in the bus, he decided to take another taxi that will shorten the hours to just almost two, calculating the time that he left the hospital to the time now, he knew that Mama Rose and Kame are now both in the country home for hours now and he doesn’t want to wait any more time to pass before he finds out what had caused this sudden change in Kame.

By all that is good, Kame must continue loving him or else he will really try the entire dirtiest trick in his book to make him love him again.

“Mama, how can I continue living now, how?” wailed Keiko while carrying the now awake Ran-chan on his chest

“Then just find another one to love” Mama Rose said empathically

“Love another, just thinking of not loving Jin anymore hurts so bad” Kame said dramatically clutching his heart and moving Ran-chan a little out of the way so he can touch his heart

“But you said he hurted you, and he betrayed you” Mama Rose said while sipping her tea and looking at Ran-chan as the dog seems about to throw up with this constant rocking him

“There must be some explanation why he was hugging that girl” Kame said as just a few hours ago he finally confided with his Mama Rose what he had seen when they were at the taxi and Mama Rose confessed in full details how Ran-chan got injured and how Jin helped and saved his baby

“There’s no possible explanation with that, Officer Jin must have met finally his match in that beautiful, tall blonde girl” Mama Rose said while seriously nodding her head and walking directly in front of his grandson taking with her poor Ran-chan

“I AM HIS MATCH!” bellowed Kame while walking from left to right of their living room arms flailing at both sides, good thing that Mama Rose took Ran-chan before he does that

“You did say that she was tall, blonde, beautiful and a girl right?” Mama Rose prodded just to entice his beloved Keiko to realizing his self-worth again, she had done this before and she is doing it again now the only difference is that he knew that Jin is different from Kame’s past

“Yes she is tall, but so are the lamp post outside too, she is blonde so what, the color doesn’t suit her, she’s Japanese and she should have black hair, and you say beautiful,, oh alright she is but so is the other half of this neighborhood and so what if she is a girl, I don’t care, that’s just labels” Kame finishes now open glaring at his smiling Mama Rose, kissing Ran-chan

“And now you’re back, Okaeri” Mama Rose said, using Ran-chan to wave his paw to him

“Oh Mama Rose, thank you, tadaimanasai” Kame said knowing what had just happened, Mama Rose reminded him of what he should have deep inside, his self-worth should always be intact and should always be his weapon when insecurities and uncertainties creeps in on him

“I knew you will come around again” Mama Rose said and handing over Ran-chan back to him

“Should we go back to the city Ran-chan?” Kame asked now calmly sitting at the soft sofa facing his Mama

“I think a few days here will do you both good, to recover for both of you had been in a mishap” Mama Rose said not mentioning that he has sent Jin their address, she is now testing the officer if he really love his Keiko for if he does then he will not waste any time to go there and resolve whatever misunderstanding his Keiko thought off

And if Officer Jin did come in their country home then she will do her other testing and Officer Jin should pass all of them in order for her to give her blessings away.

“Isn’t that a great idea Ran-chan, you will probably meet someone here for you to love you and take care of you” Kame hushed with the dog on his chest

“The fresh air will bring more life to you and will heal you faster” and as if the dog understood him, he wiggles his tail and looked him in the eyes

“And soon, we will find a good daddy to love you and mommy” Kame said and laughing so hard with his foolishness as Ran-chan put up his head and his ears are all alert as if sensing someone when their doorbell chimed announcing someone was at the door

“Oh Ran-chan your senses must be back now, good boy!” Kame crooned and was just about to stand up when Mama Rose motioned for him to stay, Kame was thinking that probably it was one of Mama Rose’s old friends dropping by to say hello, he stood up just the same and went to the bed of Ran-chan placing him there with his back turned so he did not see who was coming in when lovely lavender scents drifted off to him

He really love lavender specially on Jin

“Mama Rose, who was it?” Kame asked not looking back

“Oh a flower delivery guy” Mama Rose said, thinking why his grandson not turning back

“Oh someone sent it to you, someone likes you Mama?” Kame asked teasing his Mama but still unable to turn back

“Ah no not for me, for you, someone sure likes you” Mama said and was highly curious why his grandson is not standing or turning around so he looked at the guy standing him just to see his reaction

“I don’t like to be liked, I want to be loved and not by just anyone, I have already someone in mind” Kame said finally standing up but not still turning around

“So return those flowers, I won’t like them and I won’t like him” Kame said finally picking up what he was looking at and finally turning around

“WOULD YOU LIKE ME KAZU?” Jin finally said with his eyes glued to the now frozen younger guy that he was happy that he did not faint or else Ran-chan would fall to the ground and Mama Rose moved so fast for her age for she feared that his Keiko would drop Ran-chan and that would be bad for his injured leg, so after prying Ran-chan away from his Keiko’s hands who in close inspection is now wearing a diaper and a baby bow left the room to give the two some privacy

“What are you doing here” Kame finally managed to voice his thoughts after he thought was eternity

“I went to your house earlier and you and Mama Rose were not there so I came here” Jin said still holding the bouquet of flowers in his hands

“But why?” Kame continually asked, he knew that Jin was probably here because of that voicemail that Mama Rose made to him but he wanted to know his reason of coming

“I promised that I will have dinner with you and Mama Rose” Jin said

“You could have eaten somewhere Jin, but why are you here?” Kame was thinking again about that girl in his arms earlier that he felt a renewed jealousy surge in his veins

“And there’s that official filing of complaint to your assailant that I told you I will accompany you” Jin evaded the question again he knows what Kame was asking and he was trying to skirt off away from that

“I can do that Jin tomorrow, what I want to know is why you are here?” Kame asked wanting to hear the real reason why he was here in their country house hours away from the city where the beautiful woman is

Jin thought that on his way to Kame’s country house, once he saw the boy all his love words will flow out from his mouth and he will win the affection of his love as easily as that, but now he was chocking with all the words that he wanted to say.

He wants to reassure him that he is not leaving even though he said he should
He wants to ease away the hurt that he felt
He wants to be there when Kazu cries so he can wipe the tears away
He wants to replace all sorrows with his happiness
He wants Kazu his beloved to rest easy on the solidarity of his love

But he is all choked up now with his emotions as well, this are all too new for him but he wanted to say them still for he wanted to make sure that Kame knows them too

“Jin..” For the first time, Kame was unsure if he wanted to continue looking at Jin or not, he wanted to just run into his arms take those beautiful flowers from him and tell that he loves him still even if there’s that beautiful girl it doesn’t matter to him just as long as he can have him on his life

Kame was not prepared to what will happen next


I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
Oh all I wanna do is grow old with you

I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

I'll miss you
Kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold

Need you
Feed you
Even let ya hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
I could be the man who grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you

~^~End of Chapter 9~^~

So how was it guys~ :D Do you like it hahaha
I went a little overboard with the dramatics, i think i got it from Kame hahaha but then again i love kame and his theatrics so might as well enjoy this song to go nicely on the last verse here and just to make you see how i imagine the bouquet of flowers below is it <333


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