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[Fic] High School Catch (1/5)
Goguma Couple
Title: [Fic] High School Catch (1/5)
Author: muchie05
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fluff

Disclaimer: Story is a product of this fangirls’ mind, no real connection with the depicted characters, also no harm intended, though not good for the weak in the heart when it comes to these pairings,, be ready to flail! ^.^
Summary: High School life is not a problem for Akanishi Jin, he entered high school knowing that with his popular modelling status he will be the favorite of everyone with his charm and good looks, he was academically good, extracurricular proved to be good as well for him, he is currently the captain of the baseball team of his school, he has the support of his wealthy doting parents being the only child, so to sum it all up he is your typical golden boy the only problem here is that being that popular, busy and tied up with modeling and schooling schedules someone needs to manage him. Enter Kamenashi Kazuya, from a rich family too, being the youngest with three older sisters, he was pampered, home schooled till junior high, protected, sheltered, dotted and took in as sickly, timid, shy and unable to stand on his own, and he needed to prove them wrong, that he is capable of leading his life and taking on responsibilities, what better way to have that plan to move in action was to enroll in an actual high school where he can meet actual people and start living his life.


Akanishi’s Residence

“Jinjin wake up you’re going to be late on the first day of school”

That was Mama Akanishi, signaling her staffs to prepare the clothes that his son will wear as per the school’s approved uniform and instructing the other staff to ready the breakfast as it should still be hot as she believes that cold food will make her son sickly and telling the driver to start the car that will bring her son to the school

Mama Akanishi loves to dots and take care of her son personally climbing in the bed to tickle wake up her son was her most enjoyable task, she had been doing that since her baby decided to have his own room at the age of 10 and to her that was too early for him to have his independence, if she can have her way her baby would still be sleeping with them with Papa Akanishi till he is 18 just the right age to be independently holding his own room.

“Wake up poochie bean” croon Mama Akanishi while tickling her son in the waist

“Do don’t want to be late on your first day in school right?” Mama continue and moving her hands to her son’s armpits

“You don’t want your perfect record tarnished with tardiness ne poochie bean” Mama Akanishi laughingly said for the son that she was waking up is slowly coming into life judging from the suppressed giggles that she can hear

“Or do you just want to stay home and be with Mama and Papa” Mama Akanishi said and that does the trick since his elementary days

“I’m awake now” finally Akanishi Jin flashed his charming smile and greeted his Mama ohayou and kissed her on the cheek

“No baby, sleep more so you can stay here longer with Mama and Papa” teased Mama Akanishi for now her baby is running towards the bathroom to take a bath so he won’t stay in the house

Mama Akanishi was not offended, she knew that her baby loves them but she also knew that being the only child her baby loves going to school to interact with other people of his age, she sometimes wished that God blessed her and her husband a few more children but then when she gave birth to Jin after such complicated nine months of total bed rest the doctors told her that her ovaries will no longer be able to produce egg cells for child bearing. She remembered she wept with sadness for she wished to have a big family, but her husband reminded her that she just gave birth to the most amazing gift she can give him and that is their baby Jin. So from then on she devote her time loving her wonderful husband and adore her equally wonderful and amazing son, showering him with love, praises and encouragement any mother should do to their child.

“Jinjin, hurry up and come down to have your breakfast” Mama Akanishi said while knocking on the bathroom door where she can hear her son singing in the shower

Mama Akanishi found her husband seated already at the chair on the head of the table reading today’s paper, at the age of 57 he still have that effect on her for she always find reasons to fall in love with her husband, they married late in their lives, she hopelessly thought that she will end up alone and single, but then she met this wonderful amazing person that was too handsome for her but courted her all the same and just in a short period of courtship he proposed to her and she accepted whole heartedly and she never regretted saying yes to this incredible man that she now calls husband.

“Papa don’t you have any meetings today?” Mama Akanishi asked and seating herself next to her husband on his right and started putting food on his plate

“I only have one local meeting here later in the afternoon, you should come with me it’s not very formal" Papa Akanishi said and put down the newspaper and signals to his wife to come closer

“Come with me and let’s stay in a hotel resort for the night and enjoy ourselves” Papa Akanishi said and flirtingly kisses his wife who on a closer inspection is still as beautiful as the first day that he met her he deduced

He remembered still the first day that he saw her, she was working on a book shop and he was there trying to find a greeting card for a friend who just delivered a baby, and he was clueless as to what to get when he took courage and ask her and he was instantly in love looking at the bright smile that was directed at him and from then on he always visit the store just to see her and talk to her. He came from a rich family and her from a middle class; his parents were opposed to the relationship at first but then warmed up to her warm and loving nature.

“But what about Jin Papa, should be bring him with us” Mama Akanishi said while giggling for now she is seated at Papa’s lap and giggling like a teenage girl and that is how their son saw them

“Mama, Papa please it’s too early for that” Jin said laughing because his parents are displaying way too much PDA in the morning

“But Jinjin, this is how are love each other” Mama Akanishi said trying to stand up to accommodate the son but Papa Akanishi refused to let her go

“Please I don’t want to ruin my breakfast” Jin said greeting his Papa ohayou and seated himself on the chair to his left

Papa Akanishi finally let her wife stand up but not without playfully smacking her bottom which made Jin even more cringe with the display of affection

“So are you ready for high school?” Papa Akanishi asked

“So ready and eager to start” Jin said helping himself with some bagels, eggs and sausages

“You don’t seem eager or else I wouldn’t have waken you up” Mama Akanishi reminded and poured her son some apple juice

“Mama you know I’m just a little slow starter” Jin answered munching on his food

“Will you be alright going to a scheduled high school, shouldn’t you just go for the special sessions, with your modeling schedules and your school and activities plus I heard from your Mom that you got appointed as the captain of the baseball team, can you cope on that son?” Papa Akanishi asked as though the school is private and esteemed as one of the best around the country he still thinks that his son might find it too hard balancing his life

Papa Akanishi thought that his son should stop his modeling career, he had been discovered by an agent when his wife was grocery shopping with Jin and Jin was just about 3 years old then for a dairy product and ever since then, growing up he got even more camera pleasant so as he gets a little older he had made a lot of commercials and print ads modelling for various products and companies. He is basically everywhere you look, Papa reminded his son that he doesn’t need to accept all the offers as he is rich enough, their family is into manufacturing and constructions they have a dozen of factories for fabric and food processing and building construction materials, but his son was adamant telling him that he wanted to earn his own money and not rely on his inheritance that he will surely get from them and told him that he wanted to provide as well for his parents when in due time.

Though a freshman, Papa was surprised and proud to know that his son got the captainship of the school’s baseball team, he knew his son played and he is good at it but he was a little skeptical about being the first ever freshman captain and he thought that his son’s popularity may have been a contributing factor.

“Papa, daijobou, I can do this, I want for once experience getting my education in a normal school setting” Jin said finishing his apple juice and kissing his Mama and Papa as he will go to the school now

“Our baby Mama is now really grown up” Papa Akanishi said gently patting the hand of his wife

“Times really flew so fast ne Papa” Mama Akanishi said wiping the gentle tear that was forming at the corner of her eyes

“And the next thing we will know, he will bring his kanojou here to meet us” Papa Akanishi said and Mama Akanishi gave a dramatic gasps telling her husband that just too much and Jin will enter a relationship when his thirty years old on which her husband just laugh at her possessiveness

With the looks and personality of their son, he will soon be able to get an amazing catch!


Kamenashi’s Residence

Knocks on the door

“Onee-chan, wake up”

Knocks on the door

“Onee-chan, wake up”

Knocks on the door

“Onee-chan, wake up, the breakfast will get cold and you will be late in school … and I will be late in school” Looking at the clock now it says 6:05am and still the household of the Kamenashi’s are still soundly asleep saved for the staffs that stays with him and knows his routines

Even his father is still sound asleep

“Minna, wake up!!!” he finally bellowed, he hated screaming early in the morning, but he cannot help it, years of experience tells him that that is the only effective way to wake the dead

Kamenashi Kazuya is the resident alarm clock of this house

“Shushhh turtle-chan, you are ever so noisy as always” said the eldest daughter of Daddy Kamenashi who’s in her last year in college

“One of these days you will lose that voice and you will never ever going to get it back” seconded by the middle daughter who is an entering freshman in the same university

“Ka-channnn you are really really like Mommy” lastly said the sister who’s in her last year in high school the same school that he will enter as a freshman

“You are the only one who shared her passion of waking up early and cheerful” said the sister who was still rubbing her closed eyes and dragging her feet to go to the bathroom

“Hurry up nee-chan or else I will be late on my first day in school” Kame said while pushing her sister at the back to make her move faster

“Hai hai, you better wake up the snoring monster or else he will be late in work as well” she said while closing the door to her younger brother

Kame just remembered, thanks to her nee-chan that their father had an important meeting with some clients at 8am, their family owns a few hot springs hotels and resorts and though they are rich enough to just hire top executives to handle matters like this, his father still actively participates in the running of their hotels and resorts, as his excuse was that, he and his dearly departed wife built their hotels and resorts from scratch, it was their dream together since they were kids, they were childhood sweethearts and it was just natural for them to assume that they will both grow old together and retire in one of their hotels or resorts.

But fate had a different plan; their plan to grow old together was cut short five years ago, his dear mother passed away due to ovarian cancer.

“Otousan, daddy wake up” Kame gently nudge his father on the shoulder

“Daddy wake up, you have a meeting at 8” he said and wildly shaking his father now

“Not before I lavish you with my hugs” attacked the now awake father dragging his 16yr old son into a fierce embrace

“Daddy, I am no longer a child, this is not funny anymore” said the defiant Kame but failed miserably as he was laughing so hard and defending himself

“Aha, so you are rebelling against me?” Daddy Kamenashi said and tickling more his son

“And who told you that once you’ve grown older that I will stop this?” Daddy said smiling at his son

When did they began this tradition, he remembered that on the eight day after they had buried his wife, all week long he was crying, all night and day and was thinking that he had lost his great love, his sweetheart and he cannot find the strength to move with life, then his youngest son came into the room and with his tears on his eyes he asked him

“Daddy, now that Mommy’s gone, we will have no more laughter in the house?”

It’s like buckets of cold water were splashed on his whole body as he felt he had been selfish with his desire to let his life waste away while he has his children to look after too, he thought that his wife will not be happy in heaven if he let something bad happen to their family, to their three girls and their youngest son

Especially their son

He came into the world one and half month earlier, the doctors where afraid that he might not make it, but they rallied in prayers and asked God for a miracle for their baby to make it alive and healthy. And heaven proved to be merciful he got strong enough after a few months of being in the intensive care and on his fifth month he was able to go home, but the doctors informed them that due to his early delivery, his lungs are a little under developed so he has to undergo a few surgeries to fix that and the long effect would be is that he should not be placed under extreme stress for his lungs may collapsed.

Both of them protected their son with so much love, thanking every day is a blessing that he was alive, they made sure that he will not be subjected to stress, heavy labor and physical exhaustion, they have assigned staffs to follow him and always be there to aid on his comfort. They made him lived a sheltered life though putting him in a bubble is too much for them. They didn’t even enroll him in kinder and preparatory and grade school in fear that it might be too much for him and up until his middle school he followed his wife’s dictate to home school their son.

He only relented after many nights of deliberation to finally agree for him to enter a normal high school when his son threatened his father that he will enroll instead in a gym to make his slender body muscular

He remembered then that he pulled his son on his embrace and let a hefty chuckle and his laughter can be heard in the whole house, on which when his three daughters heard him they all run to his bedroom and join on the fun of smothering their youngest brother with their love.

“Daddy, enough, go take your bath and hurry up, the driver is waiting to take you to the resort” Kame said throwing pillows at his father to get him moving

At times like this, Daddy Kamenashi misses his wife even more, for their youngest son strange it may to say but really looks like his dear wife, he took all the soft features of their Mommy, from the nose, the lips the eyes and mannerisms and personality even with his light brown hair that is a little longer than what the school permits, but he is fast friends with the school principal and superintendent as they are frequent guests on their resorts, so his son got with this, he really looks like their Mommy and everyday he whisper words of love directed in the heaven for his wife to hear.

“Son, do you really think it’s a good idea to attend normal school?” Daddy Kamenashi asked his son while he collects his clothes before going to the bathroom

“Daddy, I have explained this to you a thousand times now and please believe me” Kame said exasperatingly while he lists down all the reasons why he should go to a normal school again

“But you don’t seem to be strong enough” Daddy Kamenashi said looking at his son

“Do I look like sick to you?” Kame said looking incredulous

“I don’t know you could be inside, look you are too skinny” Daddy Kamenashi mentioned while looking for what shoes to match and what tie to suit his business suit

“Okay, would you want me to get fat, to prove I’m healthy or do you want me to enroll in that gym to get some muscles?” Kame said taking over the task from his father and choosing a good shoes and tie to go with his business clothes

“Alright, but remember our agreement if I found out that you are risking your life and taking heedless risks with your health, I will ship you back to your Oba-chan’s house and stay there all your life” Daddy Kamenashi said and after he agrees finally went inside the bathroom

Kame doesn’t mind visiting his Oba-chan but he doesn’t wish to stay there as well for a long time, as from what he can remember every time that he will visit, their grandmother would treat him like an invalid person even taking a bath would be together with her and that was alright with him when he was younger but not when you are fourteen.

So he vowed that he will prove to them, to his father and to his three sisters that he is capable of living a normal life and that he can live his life as he life and dangerously though not too dangerous he still like to live long enough to find the same happiness that he saw in his parents

He knew that he was special and he knew he is such a catch.

Both of them are excited to start their lives in High School, they say that the best part of your life is at these times, and they had been longing to enjoy and really taste the feel of what living is, they can’t wait to start living the dream;

Akanishi: “At long last, some sense of normalcy, I hope that I will be treated just like any other normal student, I don’t want any favors, I want to strive on my own, I want to prove that I can do things like any other person, I will conquer the world!!!

Kamenashi: “Finally! I will be able to live my life as how I want it to be, free and in full, gone are the days that I will just look on in from the outside, now I can finally breathe it, taste it and eat it, I will conquer the world!!!”

~^~ OWARI ~^~

 YAY!!!!! <3
Another fic that i will try to sequel hahaha :D
So what do you think does this have any possiblity? ^^


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Looks like nice fic. I like Akame highschool fics.
But you should fix your grammar and gender mistakes...

Thankies ^^
HAHAHA thank you for pointing that out, i think what had been posted here was the unedited/unbeta-ed one, in my haste to post this as its nearing midnight, i forgot to download the final version of this fic, but anyhoo too lazy to change this now :D

This sounds interesting. Please update soon.

Thankies girly ^^
Will do that soon-ish :D

Thanks for reading ;P

I wonder what makes you write akame stories again, but then im happy you did. Go much! ill be reading every post! happy to see you active!

Ahhh my eternal dilema -_-;
I think i am forever hooked with my first ever shipping, i love them together, hence i am always an akame fangirl at heart <3

I am, just not really visible in the comm :D
Thankies for reading ^^

i'd love to see how akame's life in high school will turn in to..

please keep up and continue. .

goodluck, muchie-san~

Thankies girly for always reading and dropping me comments of encouragements <3


waiting for more~

Thankies girly ^^
Will update soon :D

totally love it...,3<3<3
both jin n kame character is so cute~~~
cannot wait 4 more.
tanq 4 sharing.

Awww thankies girly <3
Thank you for always reading and dropping me a comment, love love it :D and you are giving me so much encouragements ^^

wahhhh dear another interesting fic.... hug you...
waiting update this one tooo...

kazu n jinjin is kawaiiiii... can imaging how handsome jin n how cute and beautiful kazu chan..

This is interesting!! I love Akame highschool fics^^
Please do write more (A.S.A.P) xD
see, I really can't wait for the next update <3

this is interesting ^o^ can't wait to see when they meet each other ^.^

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