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[Fic] Badge of Love Chapter 10
Offense 1: "Something ached at his chest not fully knowing if that is because he is affected by this younger boy or because he felt the sincerity of his excuse"
Offense 2: "I did not know that she is your girlfriend"
Offense 3: "Kazu-chan, wake up I'm not your watermelon"
Offense 4: “Because he will never get a chance to see himself grow old or see his future family and kids, not to mention even try his senior citizen card discount!”

Offense 5: “Alright, you have to meet my grandmother and ask my hand from her and promise her to take care of me!”
Offense 6: “Officer Jin, Jin-chan please go out and date my Keiko, you will never ask for anything more than my beloved Keiko!”
Offense 7: "He looked like a worried husband while his wife is giving birth"
Offense 8: "He was prepared to go all the way with Kazu"
Offense 9: "By all that is good, Kame must continue loving him or else he will really try the entire dirtiest trick in his book to make him love him again."


Chapter 10

Imagine if you were in the shoes of Kame, what would you do?

Seeing a gorgeous police man holding that lovely lavender bouquet of flowers in his right hand and that cute fluffy purple teddy bear on his left hand with chocolates as well

And hearing him sing an Adam Sandler song for his popular movie Wedding Singer that was one of the many favorites of you for you are such a romantic at heart *sigh*

What would a normal girl do?

-          Squeal in delight
-          Sing along with the song
-          Blush like her life dependent on it
-          Cry with happiness
-          Jump with ecstasy
-          Run around the house with happiness

What would you do?

Kame dramatically sighs and fainted clutching his heart

Jin would have found Kame’s theatrics funny if they were on a different situation, but as he was still unsure if the younger boy really doesn’t want him anymore so he quickly laid down his goodies and squatted beside the fainted love of his life

“Kazu, open your eyes” Jin said while scoping the younger guy in his arms

“I can’t” Kame said keeping his eyes closed

“Why not?” Jin asked

“I might see you and remember that scene that I want to forget” Kame said turning away his head away

“You have to tell me what you saw, so I can explain” Jin said, holding the younger guys head by its chin and turning it towards him

“I am gullible Jin, I might believe what you will say and that would hurt me more” Kame said taking a peek with his left eye

“I would not hurt you” Jin said trying to make the younger guy open his eye more

“You did already” Kame sign and feigning a small outcry

“I don’t know what I did to make you say I did, you must tell me and I will explain if I deliberately hurt you or not, but again I will tell you, I will not hurt you” Jin said slowly raising the younger guy into sitting position on his lap

“I saw you with a girl this afternoon right after you left the hospital, on the traffic light, you did not see me, I was in the taxi because you were hugging this girl” Kame finally said opening his eyes now and for the first time, real tears are falling down on his cheek surprising him as well

He doesn’t know the true extent of his pain and the hurt that he felt, he just realized that when Jin is now facing him.

And he can kill this officer of the law

Akanishi Jin was openly smiling at him with those dimples that he loves, flashing him his most charismatic smile that captured him and those brown eyes twinkling with happiness was just too much for Kame

“I hate you, why are you smiling” Kame said and was about to close again his eyes

“Don’t you dare close your eyes or else I would make love to you here with Mama Rose watching us” Jin threatened and got the effect that he wanted for Kame’s eyes are as wide as the saucers in his house

“You know that I would like that, but I don’t go for angry sex” Kame said mischief and teasing now fully back at his eyes and to prove him right he turned sat straddling the officer placed his arms on his shoulders and grind his hips

“Kazu don’t tempt me” Jin said though he wanted that he knew he should get to the bottom of why Kame suddenly doesn’t want him

“Ok so you saw me this afternoon and instead of asking me, you’ve decided to run away” Jin said feeling like he is reprimanding an offense maker

“I think Jin that we have known each other for a while now and you’ve probably saw that I am a little, just a little dramatic” Kame explained though Jin wanted to counter that not just a little dramatic but really heavily dramatic

“I haven’t asked you anything, more so that personal, I don’t know anything personal about you Jin, I only know that when I am with you, I feel happy so I don’t ask questions, if you wanted me to know something about you then I will wait till you share it with me” Kame said and Jin thought that yes looking back he never did tell Kame anything personal about him, and during all those times that they are together it was because this younger guy made an effort to be with him and he in return haven’t done anything yet for the younger guy

“I admit those are my faults, let me make it up to you” Jin said

Picking up his phone from the pocket of his jeans requires for Kame to shift position that Jin thought was a deliberate provocation from the younger guy as that was a direct contact with his now throbbing crotch.

“Officer Junno, konbanwa, sorry for disturbing you this late, but I have a favor to ask please, can you please file for me a leave for two days over the weekend, I need to do something important, yes I will send a message as well to Superintendent Ueda to notify him, thank you” Jin hung up and was looking directly at the eyes of his love

“Now, I am off for two days and I hope you can get to know me much better” Jin said

“Thank you for taking time off but you still haven’t answered me or explained why you’re hugging a girl out in the street” Kame said just remembered that that issue is not settled yet

“I told you I’m gullible and now easy to sway, I just forgot about that” Kame ranted

“And all because you flashed me those dimples that I so love and your eyes, the most gorgeous eyes I’ve seen” Kame continued

“Have I told you that?” Kame asked

“Sweetheart, let me talk and let me explain what happened, and yes you did a lot of times” Jin said cupping Kame’s face and placing a kiss on the tip of his nose

“Go lower Jin..” Kame said pouting his lips

“Do you want my explanations or for me to go lower?” Jin asked but knowing the curious nature of the younger boy he will not stop till he got his explanations

“Oh decisions decisions decisions, explain now and later go lower” Kame said smacking his lips together

This is why Jin loves this guy

He is a ray of sunshine and a fresh doze of happy pills for him, something that has been missing in his life for a long time.

“Alright, the girl that you saw me hugging was my childhood friend” Jin started

“Childhood friend, so how can I compete with her with all your past memories together” Kame started his dramatics for Jin has shared his growing up years with someone and he had one as well but they have lost contact when they both entered high school as his friend left to live abroad with his family and he stayed behind with no friend to go by in high school except for that one that he thought as a friend but turned out to be a vermin

“Kazu, childhood friend, friend is the operational word here” Jin contradicted

“Okay go on, sorry” Kame apologized

“Remember when I was still in the hospital and got a call on my radio that there was an accident nearby, she was involved with that” Jin explained

“See, she doesn’t deserve you, nor your hugs, she is a danger to the society, she caused the accident, didn’t she?” Kame accused

“Kazu, she did not caused that accident she was the recipient of the accident” Jin said laughing thinking that it was actually him who is a danger to the society being adorable like this

“I think she still caused it a little” Kame finally conceded

“No she is a good driver Kazu, but anyhow, when I saw that it was Minami Hina, Hina-chan I stayed there to catch up with her and assist if she needed anything” Jin explained

“You know I hate names that start with letter H” Kame said pursing his lips to prove his hate wrinkling his nose in the process

“No you don’t and she is a good person” Jin said loving how his love was trying not to sound jealous and Jin thought it was the most adorable thing

“She told me that she just got back here from her work abroad as a model..” Jin continued while stroking the hair of the younger guy

“I bet those are cheap modeling” Kazu jealously attacked, because how can he compete with a girl and a model as well

“Let me finish please..” Jin said smiling on how at each good points that he mentioned about Hina-chan, his Kazu is up and about insulting his friend

“And the reason why she came back was because her old mother is sick and her father needed her help in running the flower shop, she gave up her modeling job for her family” Jin said looking at the guy sitting on his lap

“Oh hell Jin, how can I ever compete with her now, she is a girl, a model and now a sainted daughter, have I mentioned that she’s also as tall as you with blonde hair” Kame shrieked clearly agitated with his short stats in comparison with Hina-chan

“I think you forgot something” Jin mentioned suppressing his laughter

“She has more qualities that I haven’t heard?” Kame asked dreading what Jin will say and looking incredulous to Jin

“No, I think you have something that Hina-chan doesn’t have” Jin said waiting for Kame to finally realize it but when the younger guy looked at him with those confused eyes he knew he has to be the one to remind him

“YOU HAVE ME” Jin said as a matter of fact

Kame hugged Jin, his confidence is now fully restored and back up higher with another notch for Hina-chan may have all those girly things but he was reassured that he got the best one right here in his arms.

“And then I was escorting her on her van when she lost her footing, you know me and my reflexes right, I always tend to save” Jin said pinching the nose of his love

“And probably that is when you saw me, so are we clear now” Jin asked all the while the younger guy was nodding his head

“I over reacted a little, right Jin” Kame asked sheepishly smiling

“A little, Kazu when I got into your house earlier and seeing no one was there, I thought something bad happened to you and Mama Rose” Jin said thinking that it was now his chance to be a little dramatic too

“I’m sorry baby, can you ever forgive me please” Kame said while tracing the hair of the officer

“I even brought you this lavender bouquet for you remind me so much of the scent, and I love that scent on you Kazu” Jin said drawing his nose to the base of his neck sniffing

“I would rather have your scent on me Jin” Kame said really intoxicated with how the officer can affect him so

Nothing else matters now, Kame knew that Jin is the one for him, he had waited long enough for this moment when someone can love him the way he can love anyone and more, and every time he can get to think back what made Jin choose him was a revelation to him, he just never wanted this moment to end, never for they belong to each other’s arms like this

“AHEM, EXCUSE ME” said a loud booming voice followed by a barking sound

Mama Rose and Ran-chan ended that moment

Both Jin and Kame got surprised when Mama Rose announced her return and Jin wanted to stand up but the younger guy was glued to him

“Keiko release the good officer and let him stand up” Mama Rose said rolling her eyes heavenward for she had been at the door since Officer Jin called the other officer for his leave

“Mama do you want to watch us roll on the floor” Kame teased knowing that her Mama wouldn’t have that

“Let go of Jin or you will roll on your own on the floor while Jin is on his way back home, this is still my house and I want this to be free of any impurity” Mama Rose said hearing the gasp of his Keiko was comical

“Mama you wouldn’t,,, you wouldn’t really let me roll on my own ne~” Kame said laughingly and finally letting go of Jin to stand up and was assisted to do so as well

“It seems that both of you cannot keep your hands off each other, so I will lay down the rules in this house” Mama Rose began, signaling for Jin to sit next to her by patting the couch and signaling for her beloved Keiko to do the same on the opposite couch

“Mama I should be sitting next to Jin” Kame voiced

“No you will not, you’re the most amorous one between the two of you and it’s you who cannot keep your hands to yourself” Mama Rose explained and leaning closer to the younger guy next to her

“Heard that Jin, I am amorous and my hands are only for you” Kame said wiggling his spirit fingers

“As I was saying, Jin though we live in the present days and chivalry is dead and anyone can just have anyone they want, I will not have that” Mama Rose continued giving his grandson a chiding look while patting Jin’s hand

“I want my Keiko to be courted properly, you are already perfect as you are but I still want to know for sure that you are worthy of my Keiko” Mama Rose said she knew that Officer Jin is already worthy of her Keiko, haven’t he heard his confession earlier, to her that is proof enough that the guy loves his grandson she just needed to make sure being the protective Mama that she is

“Mama Rose, thank you, I would do everything to prove that I am worthy of Keiko” Jin said winking at the younger guy in front of him, Kame was more than happy to jump back at the arms of Jin when Mama Rose intercepted him and literally dragged his grandson to the dining room telling Jin to follow them so they can eat dinner

“Keiko cooked this, he cooks when he’s troubled” Mama Rose said still not letting the love birds sit together so Kame ended up sitting next to Mama Rose and Jin opposite him

“It’s a good therapy to forget about anything and just concentrate on the task of perfecting the taste of the food” Kame said offering food to his Mama Rose first and then to Jin

“I didn’t know you can cook” Jin said helping himself with some mashed potatoes, he found that after their first date he love mashed potatoes now and added some steamed vegetables on his plate and taking a slice of roast beef

“I had some friends over at the culinary department and they shared with me their recipes and I would create them and let Mama Rose sample the dishes” Kame said and something in his eyes tells Jin that the younger guy is up to something

“The first few times that he started cooking was horrible” Mama Rose said while eating

“That was understandable Mama” said Kame and smiled sweetly at Jin

Jin felt that something was slithering on his leg, he thought that probably Ran-chan was under the table when he felt that the movement is going up higher on his leg to his thigh and then he spotted Ran-chan still at the arms of Mama Rose when the movement is now directly towards his crotch

He then looked at Kame and saw him devilishly smiling at him with eyes filled with passion and mischief

“Keiko begged me to be honest with him to tell him what was needed or lacking on the food that he prepared…” Mama Rose continued her story telling all the while Kame’s foot was massaging his now throbbing chinchin and he cannot help but feel excited over what the younger guy was doing to him

“Don’t you agree Jin” Mama Rose asked him and for the life of Jin he cannot remember what was the question as all the blood in his body was rushing to his head both up and down drumming on his ears hence he was not paying any attention to the flow of conversation that Mama Rose was saying

“Uh, what was that Mama Rose” Jin awkwardly asked Mama Rose and saw the twinkling of the eyes of the younger guy that caused him to be inattentive

Payback will be sweet Jin decided

“I said that any decent housewife should know how to cook before marriage, isn’t that right?” Mama Rose thankfully repeated her question

“That is right Mama Rose” Jin said finally capturing the foot that was causing havoc to him finding that it was bare and with his eyes signaling for the younger guy to stop it

“Are you alright Jin, you look a little flustered to me, and you have beading perspiration, I think I should turn on the electric fan” Mama Rose said and rising from her chair turn on the fan

“Thank you Mama Rose, a little hot in here but I am alright now” Jin said and slowly massaging the foot that now rested in between his legs, trailing his fingertips to the sole of the foot till the back of the knee and see the younger guy in front of him shiver

Jin was flashing the younger guy his most seductive smile

“Alright now, that should work, oh and let us open a little wider the windows as well, fresh air is always a good thing here in the country” Mama Rose said and marched to the nearest window her back facing the table operating the windows

Jin silently growled at the younger guy that is also silently asking him to let go of his foot but Jin did not relent, Jin took note that his sweetheart his ticklish on his foot and so determined to give him the same dose of his medicine, teasing him like that making him hot like that, then he will get a glimpse of how hot he was Jin decided

He slowly unzipped his pants and moved Kame’s foot directly touching his chinchin, with his big toe trailing his shaft under his boxers, he saw Kame’s eyes widen and the colors changing into a darker shade, passion is now dawning on him and filling his eyes making him open his lips and making labored short breathing

His plan backfired on him

Seeing the younger guy in that state only increases his passion, he was not a voyeur but looking at Kazu like that makes all those erotic thoughts come closer to reality.

“Keiko, stop hiding under the table, sit up straight, I taught you better than that” Mama Rose chided seeing his grandson almost slipping under the table with a death grip on the sides of his chair

“Jin, I thought you are cooling now, but look at that beads of perspiration on your forehead, wait here, I will get you a towel” Mama Rose offered and continue walking out of the dinning room and probably to her bedroom to get that promised towel

“Come here Kazu and do something about this” Jin said immediately after making sure that Mama Rose is out of the room pointing at his chinchin after letting go of the younger guys foot

“Why would I do that, you did that to yourself” Kame teased knowing that he was in no better shape

“You started this” Jin said and thinking that taking a gulp of cold water should somehow lessen it than actually taking a cold shower, he was just about to reach for the pitcher when he felt something was caressing his legs and his thighs

Kazu disappeared from the chair opposite him like magic

He knew instantly who was under the table and doing the touching, he was both excited and apprehensive for any minute now Mama Rose might walk back in and will find them in this position, and didn’t she said that no impurity should be made on her house

“Kazu, what are you doing there?” whispered Jin gritting his teeth together for the younger guy is now massaging his thighs

“Trying to be a cat here or a dog Jin” and adding a soft purr and barking sound to complete his ministrations

“Go back to your chair sweetheart, this is becoming difficult for me” Jin tried to push the cat slash dog away but the kitty slash doggie was now in between his legs

“Meowww meowww” Jin thought to laugh at that but he was throbbing so much that pain and pleasure is now hard to separate

“Rufff ruff” Any moment now Jin knew that Kame is close to his bulge and in any moment now Mama Rose might come back and he just wish that the first one will happened first

Darn it. Mama Rose was faster than the speeding light.

“Here you go Jin” Mama Rose announced at the doorway of the dining room, handing him the towel, Jin thought that it was a good thing that the table had a floor length table cloth or else Mama Rose will die of embarrassment seeing his grandson in that position facing Jin

“Oh where did Keiko go?” Mama Rose said after looking at the vacant chair next to her

Jin took the towel and roughly towel dried his sweats and placed the towel on his lap for added protection of hiding his Kazu or his chinchin from peeking out

“He just went to the bathroom” Jin thought his voice gave him away for it was hoarse and he sounded out of breathe, he thought as well that any moment now he will be thrown out of the house or worst murdered by this sweet old Oba-chan for defiling her beloved grandson who is now wreaking havoc on his senses for he is now tracing his fingers ever so lightly on his manhood that Jin made to shift his sitting position to ease the pain slash pleasure

“Oh that reminded me, I don’t remember if I turn off the water faucet in my bedroom bathroom” Mama Rose said and was about to march out of the room again when she heard a cat purring

“Is that I cat I hear?” Mama Rose said looking at the officer in the table

Jin grabbed hold of the younger guy under the table to make him stop making any more cat and dog sounds for he doesn’t wish to be murdered

“I think so Mama Rose, I think a cat is outside the window, I heard it too earlier” Jin said trying to look at the window so Mama Rose won’t see that he was lying

“Oh probably some of the stray cats, Ran-chan doesn’t like any stray cats” Mama Rose mentioned and finally let the now energetic dog down and Ran-chan immediately ran under the table to join his Mama

Mama Rose finally marched out of the room and Jin peeked under the table cloth that was now at level of his tummy to see a very mischievous looking cat looking up to him cradling a very real dog looking up at him as well

“Come out of there neko” Jin said and immediately stood up to zip his pants and try to walk it off the stiffness away

For a cat hating dog, Ran-chan sure loves this neko for he is now happily wiggling his tail while being cradled to his chest while under the table

Jin was thinking that what Kame did was a close call, and he was equally to be blamed for he did go with it. It surprised him that the long suppressed desires that he have for the younger guy can spark into a full blown passion in just a matter of seconds, heck he wanted his love to go all the way with him and was actually silently cursing why Mama Rose keeps on interrupting them.

“Kazu come out of there” Jin said and was just finally getting his hard on under control when he whirled around and found Mama Rose there at the doorway, he quickly lowered his hands in front of his crotch

“What were you both doing” Mama Rose said looking at Jin

“Uhm, Mama Rose, I uhm, we are just..” Jin stammered

“I mean, what are you both doing there Ran-chan and Keiko, get out from the under the table, I heard the officer tell you both” Mama Rose said directing her attention now at the table

“Jin, ever since we got Ran-chan it has been a habit of Keiko and Ran-chan to hide from me under the table, it’s their version of hide and seek” Mama Rose said smiling and totally missing the fact that her beloved Keiko was just earlier playing footie with him and quickie massaging game

Thank goodness for his reprieve

Kame and Ran-chan finally crawled out of the table and was now sitting again on the chair opposite Jin with that mischievous smile and twinkling of the eyes of the younger guy and heaven help him he thought that Ran-chan was teasing him as well with his tail wagging like that and looking at him with those adorable puppy eyes

The dinner was finally finished without any more teasing from the younger guy, the conversation was kept light all throughout the dinner and when Mama Rose announced that she’s done eating and just will go straight to her room to bring her tea there and rest for it had been a long day for her, she instructed that the washing can be done tomorrow, but Kame promised to do the dishes and Jin offered to help, Mama Rose reminded them of keeping their hands off each other which drew laughter from the love birds thinking they can just use their feet

“One last thing, Jin you will be sleeping on the right room upstairs, next to my room as Keiko’s room is on the left side of my room, so I will know and I will hear if anything is happening, got that…. Keiko?” Mama Rose said not really concerned that the officer will do anything, but her darling grandson might

“Also Keiko, find some of your grandfathers clothes for Jin to use after you’re both done with the dishes” Mama Rose said and left the room

“That was very dangerous what you did there” Jin said to Kame

“But we did not get caught” Laughed Kame and was handing Ran-chan to Jin while he started collecting the dishes to bring to the kitchen

“What if we got caught, Mama Rose will have a heart attack because of us” Jin said now playing with Ran-chan and inspecting his earlier injured leg

“I can be very very discreet Jin if I want to” sassily Kame said while winking at the officer

“Meowww” purred the now laughing neko carrying the dishes to the kitchen

“Ran-chan, that is why I love your Mama, are you ok with me being your Papa?” Jin must be losing it for he just thought he saw the dog nod his head before cuddling up at him gave him soft whimpers of approval

Jin was about to follow his sweetheart in the kitchen when he heard someone knocking on the door and the doorbell chiming so he directed his steps instead there.

“Kame-chan! Kame-chan! I’m back!!!” announced by the very much foreign sounding guy with his hands spread open as if announcing his importance in Kame’s life

Jin made a closer inspection of this guy who came calling for his sweetheart;

-          Stylish blonde hair
-          Perfect fashionable tailored jeans
-          Creaseless folded at the elbow polo with few unbuttoned buttons revealing smooth chest
-          Gleaming polished boots
-          Tall, toned and slightly muscled and athletic body
-          With pearly white teeth, pinkish tan and engaging smile

“Pi-chan? Pi-channnn” Kame came running from the kitchen screaming the name, with his hair daintily tied behind his back, with some of his hair that escaped the confinement framing his angelic face and wearing that lavender patterned lilac colored apron, he just looked like any housewife would

The cheating kind Jin thought jealously

For he was just there on the side of the door looking in on the happy interlude of his wife hugging the foreigner who was happily twirling his wife around making his wife giggle in happiness

He never knew he was the jealous kind, until this time

It was a good thing that he is carrying Ran-chan and Ran-chan acknowledged that he was his Papa or else he would have used brute force to separate the two

It’s his turn now to say that he hated all the names that starts with the letter “P”

Nobody messes with Officer Akanishi Jin, especially if that involves the mother of his dog.

~^~ End Chapter 10 ~^~

So what do you think? eh eh eh <3

PS. I have this new fanfic that needs more love, do you wanna know it? hahaha

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hahahahaha.........now, it's jin's turn to feel jealous ^o^ and kazuya you're soooooo naughty ^o^ teasing jin like that XDDD just luckily mama rose doesn't caught both you doing that XPPP

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