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[Fic] Figments of Imaginations - Part 1
Title: Figments of Imaginations
Author: muchie05
Pairing: AKAME
Genre: Angst + Mystery + NC-17 (for the violence and graphic descriptions)
Disclaimer: It has been such a long while since I last wrote anything AKAME of fan fiction so be gentle with this returning writer-wannabe in this wonderful fandom!
Summary: He detested himself, he wanted to die, he felt so dirty and so unworthy to even be alive. He wanted to end all this torments but before his death he vowed he will get justice and he will not be stopped. He blamed himself because something went wrong and turned horribly bad, he cannot wash his hands clean for he was part of it and now he wanted to make amends but he doesn’t have any clue as to how, he only hope that those imaginations are still there for him.


It was one of those nights that he wished he was dead.

The night is dry and as humid as the desert that he was once been held captive.

He wanted to wake up from his nightmares and is praying for the strength to do that but his mind has locked him good in the nightmare that won’t stop even if he prayed for release.

He is once again back in that prison cell that was located in the middle of a forest, cave like, he cannot recall how many days or nights has he spend there, with his on and off consciousness due to the pain inflicted on him and the drugs that was forcefully administered to him. He just knew that he spent a good deal of time there being tortured; beat up, played at, violated and worst raped.

He remembered trying to scream to ask for help, but no one came and no one answered, his voice will sometimes go out from him with his unending tirade of shouting till he grows hoarse and his throat parched but no one aide him.

The prison cell is a narrow room in width but was quite long in length, there were only two low hanging light bulbs to cast soft glows in the room and he spent most of his time lying down on that old worn out cushion located at the center of the room, there were no window to let any cool air in the room so the air inside the room is so stifling that he felt that his lungs will soon give out from not getting sufficient fresh oxygen in it.

On the first night or was it day, that he got there, he was still wearing his uniform and a light jacket on top of it as fall was just beginning and the nights when he wait up for the bus has turn a little chilly for him.

But all of his clothes were stripped away from him.

He cannot remember how he got into the prison cell nor how his clothes were taken off from him all he can remember was that he was waiting for the bus to come at eleven in the evening and all of a sudden a jolt of pain on his temple as if he got struck in the head with something hard and a prick of a needle was given to his neck and everything turned black, he cannot remember anything else.

He tossed and turns in his restless sleep now, in this nightmare he can see figures of people looming in on him, faceless mask taunting him, telling him crude words and laughing deviously at him and his sorry state.

When did this nightmare happen, 3 days from now it will be exactly 1 year since that black event of his life happened to him? It will be 1 year now and still no justice had been given to him, he constantly check with the local police authority for any development and all he got was the same bullshit that those bastard police loves to say that they will inform him if anything changes and if there’s any new lead.

He is tired of waiting for justice, he is tired of waiting for peace, and his mind is losing its battle.

He must wake up, he must end this nightmare, he must keep on fighting for in those moments of blackness there is always this small glimpses of white silhouette that croons soft voices of protection and light feathery touches that warms him and his heart, so he must fight to feel that touches again and hear that voice that promises the end of his nightmares.

With a final jolt he opened his eyes and sat up, clutching his head as if trying to squeeze the nightmares away from his head, he felt so thirsty and tired as if he run a million miles and climbed the highest mountain. He slowly stood up and walked to his kitchen to grab a bottle or two or three of his cold beer from the fridge, he knew from habit that if he do not drink this night away he won’t be able to get anymore sleep. Looking at the clock it shows 3:18am and he must be on his work by 7am.

He walked to his sofa clutching the other beers on his right hand, on his way to sofa he got a glimpse of himself in the mirror and with only his bottom pajama on, he can visibly see the scars all over his upper body, the scars are from the wounds that he got from that black night, it was made by knives in all shapes and sizes. His chest is covered with medium to large crisscross cuts, and just on top of his navel was a word carved with a knife that says “UKE”. And from the look of the doctors and nurses that tended him when he was in the hospital, they told him that his back was no more sparred than his chest. There were whip gushes and knives cuts as well in there and it took them more than 6 hours to repair his back.


The word it represented disgusts him for he had been subjected to the lowest form of that word and that scar on his navel is such a reminder to him of what had happened to him those black nights. He wanted to hurt himself again, to cut something on his navel again just to erase that scar but he vowed that he will only have it removed once justice has been served to him.

For the longest time, he once again tried to relive that night before he got abducted and toyed at so the memories will still be fresh in his mind and will not forget it when it’s time for when justice is to be served.

He owns and worked at his convenience store, he was proud to even have that store set up as he doesn’t seem to fit a guy who will have a normal boring 8-5 day job. He was too independent for his own good. His loving parents are no longer with him, both are already dead and the only living relative he has is his sister who is married to an American guy and now lives in the US. So he has been really independent since their parents died at the age of 19, with the small inheritance that he got from his parents he built his convenience store and within the 3 years’ time since it operated he got good profit and started really focusing on the business, slowly the desire to build more convenience stores were established and now he has a total of 5 stores and though he has the resources to hire a lot of people, he takes pride in his first convenience store so he still mans it till last 2 years ago, he stopped working there and hired a full time employees, he just now works at the back ground and oversee his stores.

He remembers that it was his last night working at the store, he was supposed to be closed at 12midnight as per his usual practice but he thought that with the slow turn of people at the store he might as well close it for the night, heck he is the owner so he can do whatever he can. So on the dot of 10:30pm he cleared his cash counter and methodically secured all the locks of the store and stepped out on the pavement and he heads down to the bus station to catch the 11:00pm bus.

That is where it all started.

There was only an elderly man waiting in the bus stop that appeared to have fallen asleep while waiting for the bus to arrive, so he just stood there, his mind wandering about on what supplies he needed to restock for tomorrows inventory when all of a sudden something hit him on the side of his head and he felt someone put a needle on his neck and he was out cold.

His first memory when he re-opened his eyes is that he felt like he was in a moving van, with his hands tied behind him and his feet are also both tied and there’s a gag in his mouth to prevent him from making any sound. He can see three men looking at him but they were wearing clown masks to cover their faces and all seems to be wearing black overalls.

One of them started saying something about how he will enjoy the night and their captive will surely be feisty. He cannot clearly understand what they mean, and when he was just about to get his head cleared from the drug that was given to him, another man injected something to him again that made him lethargic and out into oblivion again.

He felt cold water splashed all over him.

He slowly got out from unconsciousness with the help of the water, but his body was aching him, he felt like someone just kicked him in the stomach, punched him in the face, his legs, arms and head. He felt tired and wanted to sit down but he cannot, looking up he saw that both of his arms are tied high above his head on a rope held in the ceiling of the room.

He was stripped naked.

And he can hear the leering voices of the men that took him.

“Should I go ahead and taste this bitch?” said the smallest man that keeps on making those horrid slurping sounds from his mouth.

“We should wait for the boss, he should get the first taste” chuckled by the other biggest man, who seems to be thrice the size of the other two.

“But just look at those luscious body being offered like that” persistently chuckled by that smallest guy

“Enough you two, contain your lust, or else the boss will be displease to know you got him first, we will have our fill soon enough” defended the biggest guy but contradicted himself when he went to stroke the face, the nipples and the groin of their captive

“No fair!” wailed the smallest guy, seeing what the biggest guy did only fueled his lust all the more

He cannot recall how long he was bound like that, he wanted to shout but the gag in his mouth prevented him to do so. He tried to look around his cell and knew that there were no other escape routes to take only that of the main gate where the three men are all waiting outside and occasionally shouting obscene words at him.

And then the dark night got darker.

The man that they call boss finally arrived and before he could take a look at his face the other men gave him his mask so he won’t be recognizable. He was a big man, not muscular but rotund in statue, he has a big belly and judging from the way he walks his weight bothers him. He entered the cell and ordered the other men to bring in his stuff, on which the three obeyed with gusto and much cheering for they know that their fill is about to come soon.

“So you are our bitch for the night, tsk tsk tsk such flawless skin, and your face it’s not like any other, such an angelic looking face” all the while the boss was touching in all the places that he can

“And your eyes, they held so much spirit in them, is that anger I see in it, and you have the most luscious lips” the boss stated and attempted to kiss their captive but was rewarded by biting his lips that blood spilled down his chin.

“You bastard” said the boss and slapped the captive in the face and not content with that, punched him in the stomach as well as the rage of the boss can quickly ignite into a deadly speed that the other three men intervened telling the boss that his stuffs are ready with them already before their boss killed their captive

“You will like this and by the time that I am done with you that spirit in your eyes will be gone and you will only plead slow death from me and you know what I will not give in” threatened by the boss as he walks back to where his men placed a box full of his stuff laughing

It was a box made of where nightmares start.

They had replaced the gag that was on his mouth with an apparatus surely made for S&M for it kept his mouth open at all times. They unbound his hands and feet only to be shackled on each ends and tied up pointing on opposite sides, the boss smothered lubricant to their captives body, taking great delight on how their captive dodges his hand while trying to touch his body.

“Dodge all you want but when I’m pounding you, you will only be able to moan like the bitch you are” said the boss while chuckling and trying to discard his belt and lower his pants and boxers.

“Lube him up and prepare him for me, but don’t stick any dick on him yet, I want mine to be his first” signaling, the boss nods his head to the other three who are lustingly waiting for their signal to begin their assault on their captive

He wished he was dead.

The assault made on him was not just physical; mentally he was reeling from what the men are doing to him. They begin by groping his crotch, tugging and pulling and placing a ring on at the base of his shaft,  then they all started sucking him in, biting his nipples, his navel, his inner thighs and just about anywhere they can have their teeth sunk in. Marking his body with whiplashes and cuts inflicted by the small blade that the middle guy had found in the box. Small droplets of blood poured from the cuts and the men seemed to enjoy sucking at those cuts that made the wounds puckered and even rawer. Then he felt even more violated, one of the men inserted his finger up on his butt hole and then a second finger joined in and a third finger. He screamed in agony, tears gathered in his eyes and he sure thought that he was being pulled apart with the pain that they are inflicting on him.

“Scream all you want, don’t you know that we are making it easier for you so that when the boss takes you, you won’t feel any pain” stated by the giant man and began to pull even more so

And then all of them pulled out and he thought that he was safe then, only to be assaulted again and sodomized by this time.

He saw the middle guy took a silver dildo from the box and it was such a big apparatus that he just felt really scared and frightened for his life; for he knew that it would hurt much more than the fingers that were inserted in his hole earlier. The smallest guy rubbed the dildo with lubricants and all the while stroking it with such lustful sounds coming from his sordid chuckles. He tried to break free from his bondage, he knew it was fruitless but he still tried making his wrists and ankles ever more bruised from his struggles, but by all that’s good and right, he will try to free himself. The middle guy was lubing his hole as well while he tried breaking free from the chains that binds him.

The boss stationed himself in front of the captive, propping himself on the chair facing him all the while stroking his own shaft into full erection, he is getting hard just seeing the body of their captive and while his men are assaulting him he cannot keep getting harder for he knew that he will be getting such a treat from this beauty that they have captured.

He gave the signal to lower the chains that binds the hands of their prisoner so he can bend forward, down in front of the boss, kneeling, while two men held on to his hand so he cannot inflict any harm to their boss while the smallest guy was busily fondling him behind.

He has a feeling of what would happen next and that repulsed him, the boss made him suck him off.

He felt like throwing up and he gagged as the boss made sure that his shaft will hit till the end of his mouth at his throat, he wanted to close his mouth but the gag that they placed on him doesn’t allow him to move his move, he wanted to inflict pain to this monster but he was helpless.

“Enjoying yourself now?” said the boss while signaling to the smallest man to lube their captive more and get out of the way
He was heaving when the boss pulled his shaft from his mouth, he threw up and was wishing that death to come to him and did not saw the boss position himself behind him

“You’ll enjoy this much more” declared the boss and forcefully thrust inside him that he thought that he will black out again, the pain was so much for him to take that he thought he was ripped in half

The boss kept on slamming in and out from him; he occasionally slaps his hips and buttocks too. He thought that the pain that he felt will soon turn into numbness but he was unprepared when the biggest of the boss’s guy slammed his face into his dick to suck, he was violated at both ends. The other two guys not wanting to be left aside started cutting into him again and sucking his wounds again while fondling his shaft.

“Are you enjoying now bitch, this is what you get when you mess around with fires that you don’t know anything about” said the boss, while he still slams against his butt hole

“You think you can bat your pretty eyes and be gone about it, huh?” tirade the boss

“Well, this is what you get when you play with our whores, you will be our whore” panted the boss while waiting for his climax to come, enjoying the feel of the tightness of their captives hole for he knew after how many months of surveying that this is a fresh meat, straight laced guy that has never been with a man which excites him knowing that he was the first to give him this treat

His visions are turning black now, he knew that in just a few minutes he will pass out and he was fervently wishing that he will for he cannot endure anymore of this treatment, he wanted it all to end, he wanted to be able to wake up from this nightmare.

The boss finally climaxed inside his butt hole while the man with his dick on his mouth climaxed as well, both pulled out instantly and he thought that he is about to pass out when the other two that were waiting on the sideline replaced them and took their position, that is when his world blackened.

He awaken to find himself laying down on the dirty old cushion, his body aches and hurts and he cannot move his lower half as the pain from his hips and butt is searing him causing him to whimper and tears starts welling up on his eyes.

“Oh you’re awake now” said the middle guy

“The boss said to make you eat, so you can have enough strength when he comes back for you” laughingly said the smallest guy bringing in to him a tray with food on it that he thought was the nastiest he had ever seen or smelled

“You know just looking at you makes me want to take you again, you did passed out when I was slamming into you, and you took your sweet time sleeping, six hours of resting should have made you recover for your next session” boasted the middle guy

“And that is why bitch, I wasn’t able to enjoy myself that much but you were really fuckable” laughed the middle guy

“Has he finished his food yet” asked the biggest guy holding what appears to be a watering hose

“The boss said that after feeding him make sure to give him a bath as he reeks of smell from you” the biggest guy pointing at the smallest guy who was happily chuckling with his achievement of rubbing his smell to their captive

“I like branding my bitches” said the smallest guy when last night he pissed all over their captive and asked him to swallow some as well

“Have you finished your food?” asked the middle guy looking at their captive who cannot seem to lift his body into sitting position, he helped him eat by stuffing the foul food into his mouth, enjoying his cruelty while the captive dodges away the food and trying not to choke on it

“He doesn’t seem eager to eat so drop it and let’s clean this bitch for the boss will soon arrive” said the biggest guy and turned on the water hose into its full force and aimed it at their captive’s head, then to his face, his back, his chest, his stomach, his navel, his crotch and lastly and more so in his butt that the captive screamed off with the pain, he wanted to shield his body with the beat up cushion but the other two men snatched it away from him while he rolled away, turned his back and tries to stand up but the pain just keeps him down and when he succeeded in standing up the biggest guy will aim at his dick or his butt that makes him fall down again.

He thought he blacked out again, for the next thing he can remember seeing was this white ethereal figure that floats near him, his eyes were glazed with pain but he knew it was a person for he can hear the soft words that the figure was telling him, he cannot see the whole of its face as the light from the hanging bulb was directly on top of his ethereal figure. But the face has the most beautiful eyes he has even seen. He cannot make up his mind if it was more caramel brown or hazel for it was misted with tears coupled with fear and sadness and another emotion he cannot distinguish.

Something about this apparition seemed vaguely familiar with him but he cannot put a finger on it.

“Please try to drink this it will take away some of the pain” said the voice that for him sounded closely like on edge of crying

“You have to be strong, I am so sorry” and over and over again the figure next to him was apologizing for what he cannot understand, he tried to take what was offered to him, he thought it was just water when he tasted it, he knew then that it was mixed with medicine

“Drink all of it so your wounds will not be inflamed or infected” croon the voice and he must be really losing it for he felt like the voice was coming from an angel, his very own guardian angel

“I will try to take you away from here but please keep strong, my plans are still not complete but soon it will be sorted out and I will get you out from here, I am so sorry” said his angel and with that last thought in mind before sleep enveloped him

For many days and nights he was tortured, violated, mutilated, sexually assaulted, beat up, starved and used like some sort of a dirty rag that after using was tossed at that cushion till numbness takes him or if by fortunate chance blacked out from the pain inflicted on him by the boss and his three cohorts. His only saving grace was when in between those times, his ethereal figure comes into his aide to patch his wounds, make him drink some kind of medicinal water to help him with the pain. The white figure kept constant soft words to him even though he was drifting mostly into numbness with the pain reliever that was given to him, but he was able to see a glimpse of the side of his angel’s face and he inwardly smiled for he was sure that it was a face of an angel one that he will not forgot.

He then drifted off into unconsciousness lulled with dreams

It was one of those slow days at his convenience store, where he just sits back at the counter reading the latest comic book that he got from his subscription and waited till someone comes to buy something, it wasn’t unusual that he was manning one of his outlets as his employee had an emergency with his family, he decided that instead of sending his other employees there at that outlet he made his mind to see to it as that outlet was the most troublesome amongst all his stores. They got robbed twice already that year and the location turned out to be smacked in the middle of a shady neighborhood, he thought of closing it but the look on the faces of his people when he mentioned that changed his mind as they need the money, they may not get big salaries but at least they are earning something for their families, he just made sure that the store is fully equipped with the latest warning devices and CCTV’s for their added protection.

He was notified that someone came inside his store, which surprised him as at that time of the day where everyone he thought would be having their noonning meals or midday naps, soft lavender scent floated in on him and he smile thinking that probably a girl came inside and so he put down his comic book and tried to locate where his costumer is just to see if he was correct for her to be a girl and so aisle by aisle he walked and found the slim figured person standing next to the medicine section of his store, hair softly curling below shoulders, side profile shows him creamy skin though he can see from this angle that something was amiss as there seem to be a bruises at the jaw line next to the chin. His lavender scented customer was holding two different bandages in his hands probably checking which one to buy when he made his presence known and offered his assistance.

“The one on your left hand is much better” he said which startled his customer that made it drop the bandages that it was holding

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” he apologized and tried to pick up the fallen items that was mimicked by his costumer and both of them reaching for the same item that made him saw that his right hand was badly burnt and cuts are visible as well

“Oh no, don’t worry, I am always this jumpy” said the customer and finally looking at him in the eyes and those eyes are what captivates him more than the bruises on the side of his mouth

He had the loveliest caramel brown eyes that he had ever seen with thick long black lashes framing it

“Can I help you with anything else?” he offered coz he wanted to hear his costumer speak more as with his previous speech he did not quite get it if he was really a girl or a boy for there is something different from this person

His costumer was clothed in normal jeans and sweater that he thought was too large for him but anyone can see that he was slim in stature.

“Ah no thank you, I’m just looking at which bandage cost less” the costumer said in now a clearly male speaking voice but for him it held a tinge of femininity

“The one on your left hand earlier is cheaper but most of the people who gets stuffs are looking at which is better” he said trying to understand his costumer and he knew instantly that his costumer may not have enough money to buy the costlier one

It was not his nature to give free stuffs away but something about this costumer made him do that.

He accompanied him even at the door and see that he will not drop anything on his way and he saw that there are few suspicious looking men lurking at the corner and he just hoped that his girlish costumer will not be mauled when he turn around and walk inside his store.

He was mauling it over the effect of his costumer on him, he wanted to ask more where he got his injuries, and he felt like wanting to protect him ever again from getting hurt, he thought that probably cause he looked really frail to him veering into the feminine side so his protective nature is kicking in. And he wanted to hear his customer’s voice again, for it was very melodious to him, funny but that had never happened to him before.

He was actually wishing that his customer will drop by again just so he can look at him again.

And wishes do come true; he stationed himself again for an additional five days on that convini store as his staff needed a longer period to be with his family. And within those five days he was able to see him three times and he thought that he was really being lucky being able to see and converse with his now special lavender scented costumer.

Though something isn’t right but heck he was happy just to see him

Day 1
He immediately knew that he came because of the scent that he brought with him, this time he was looking for petroleum jelly’s and he was thinking that probably he will use it for his feet to soften it or to his hands, but when he asked his costumer a soft blush crept on his cheeks and just nodded, he was trying to engage him in a lengthy conversation but he just refused to talk longer than was is needed of yes and no.
He felt a little disappointed but then, being a loner himself he thought that if he were on his shoes, he would also not say anything more than was is needed, like him he just kept to himself.

Day 2
He noticed that his special customer was limping a little and walking seems painful to him, though as much as he wanted to ask, he knew that it would be too forward of him so he just kept his constant idle talk of the weather, the new products that they have, their government and anything he can talk about but nothing personal, when he grab from the isle stack what seems to him was a woman’s sanitary napkin, he was mighty curious but then again probably it was his sister or cousin or mother that asked him to buy those. After paying the goods, as now per his usual habit, he walked his customer outside the convini and accidentally he released the door that bumped in the backside of his customer, he would have fall into the ground if not for his quick reflexes, he catches him and steadied him and slowly assisting him into full standing position as his customer is still bent over with the pain.
When his customer was able to stand straight, they were standing face to face and he can clearly see the pain on those lovely eyes, his eyes were filled with tears and he doesn’t know what possessed him but he hugged his lavender scented customer, he just wanted to offer some sort of comfort, though he doesn’t know the full extent of his injury but he just knew that it was very painful. The hug seemed like eternity but he felt that his customer was hugging him as well at the start then he felt him resist and he then let go offering his apologies but was told that there’s no need to apologize for he liked the hug.

Day 3
On the last day that he saw his customer, it was a day after he hugged him; he was out of sorts just remembering what had prompted him to hug the other guy it was beyond him. He just knew that he felt good afterwards; hell he only offered the apology as an afterthought if the other guy will punch him. The normal ringing of his convini doorbell rang and he instantly knew it was him for he carried with him his usual lavender scent, though he was dressed differently this time, he was wearing a very fashionable and flashy clothes, he thought that probably he will go out with his friends hence the clothing and his hair was all done for, he was really looking like a mixture of a host and a pimp, on which he just shrugged it off but inwardly he prefers the simpler and normal clothed guy from the other days. He said his normal greetings and was about to go to him when his door announced another customer, this time it was a big guy with hood and cap on so he cannot clearly see his face but seem familiar to him, he thought probably some customer before, so he continued his walking towards his special customer when out of nowhere he got hugged by him.

He was surprised that he was being hugged, but heck he was not mad or anything he liked that hug especially coming from his lavender scented customer. But something was amiss to him, from all those meetings, the guy was not even remotely chatty and just friendly in a little distant kind of way and now was openly hugging him with a customer insight as well. So he hugged him back and was again taken aback when he was kissed by his special customer, they lingered on the kiss and they were so into it that the younger guy was slowly grinding himself to him, begging him to take him, though the offer seems so good to him but he was working and other customer was there so, he unlocked their lips and grab hold of the other guy and told him that if he agrees he can come back later when he closes his store at 12 and they can continue what they have started, he noticed that the other customer is now walking towards the door, probably disgusted with what he saw when his lavender scented customer, pulled away from him too and quickly followed the big hooded buy, though before he go he glanced back at him, and looked him in the eyes that confused him for those eyes looked like he was about to cry and apologies at the same time, he thought that probably it was because he will not come tonight, and he was  right.

He closed his store at exactly 12 midnight and not a sight on his special lavender scented customer, so it will be a cold shower for him tonight and that was the last time he saw that other guy.

The time for his escape came one evening after he was again sexually violated and heavily mutilated by the boss and his cohorts; he was having high fever due to the inflamed raw cuts on his body and from the medicine overdose that was injected on him, they had induced him with sexual euphoric drugs that heightens his sensitivity and would make his erection and secretions uncontrollable, he knew that he was convulsing and throwing up and try as the boss to make him stop he ordered his cohorts to finally dispose of him for he has served his purpose.

“I have taken so much pleasure in you, I do hope that you will remember it by if you live, but if not then I do hope that you liked it for that is the last fucking you will ever have” said the boss finally pumping his last cum on their captives hole and kicking him to the ground where he lay there motionless

“Get him out of here, throw him and hunt for our new victim” ordered the boss zipping up his pants and hand signaling the three cohorts to prepare the van for disposal and after to roam the streets again to capture a replacement, but before heading out he stopped by at his favorite bitch who have witnessed everything from day one up to this night

“I do hope that you have learned your lesson, if you openly flirt with another guy, he will end up just like that one, remember that I own you and my men knows all that you do, who you see and talk to and they report to me just like any loyal dog, so if you feel the need to be in heat again, remember that I know where your sister is and I know her school and I can just quickly get her and sell her to the highest bidder and or I might take her myself you know how I love young girls too, how old is she now, eleven right that is the most desirable age for a young girl, so be a good bitch that you are, I know you like it when I do you rough and use all the toys that I have, so the next time, just come to me if you want to be fucked” said the boss all the while fondling him, kissing him and as much as he wanted to strike back the boss he have learned his lesson, learned it in a very painful way when his hand that strike the boss was burnt heavily.

And he feared for his sister’s life that was living with his elderly aunt outside the city. He had carefully planned over the months their course of safety and their plan to go away from the clutches of the boss soon after his first night working under the boss as a male host, he doesn’t know what the work entailed before when he applied for as he was fresh from the country so to speak, he only got to know of it when on his first night of job the manager of the club ushered him into a room with an old man as his customer which started innocently enough at first with them drinking and he was happy to know that such easy work exist and he was already looking forward to telling his aunt and sister his luck when the old man started massaging his thighs and slowly creeping to his crotch, which he thought was just an accident but when it happened again and this time the old man was already unzipping his pants and caressing him directly he punched the old man and stormed out of the room, on which the manager was alerted with and took him to the boss’s room which he thought would be his time to get fired but was actually surprised that the big boss was kind for he did not fire him but instead offered him a different job that would entail being with the boss, that he took immediately and the next thing he knew the boss handed him a celebratory glass of wine to toast his good fortune.



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