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[Random] Your Location Hit!
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LOL, I was not planning to post this one but i feel like having one to see where i get most viewing,,, XDDD and coz i miss my rlife friends back home >.< ~i bet they are having loads of fun there, but heck its alright i will not fret, i will be home next year,,, XDDD and yeah i have lots of meme that i still need to post from my memeries producer!^^o to this for now

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lol. one for like... everything. XD

ah yeah! ^^o
so i have 1 friend from those countries,, you too! ^^o

oh! i see Indonesia's flag there! XD

yay!!! ^^o
though my own country flag is not even there.. lol meaning i dont have friends there.. poor me!XDDD

LOL there are like 2 flags... I don't even know....=))

I should pay more attention at school

uhhh my flag is there @.@ and it has 35 :))right at the bottom :))

UUUU..... and I know only one other person from it :)):-s

i am way even bad at that, coz i cannot recognize your flag.. *giggles*
What country is that again? LOL~
*pats pats*
We will try to see more of people from your country.. XDDD
*it will be our quests* XDDD

romania :))

leeslittlealien is from the same country as me ^_^

*takes out magnifying glass from pocket*
indiana jones :)))=))) "serching for country comrades"
in theaters from jkkj th- -2009
i've always been in bad relationships with geography *blush*

wiiiii ^^o
yayks, andie-chan will kill me for forgetting her country.. lol~

I think, yeah we will have a hard time looking for people from Romania.. *_*
But we will not stop, we will stalk lj and all community! XDDD
Geography is only good for my drawing skills but not for rmembering the countries.. XDDD

*evil grin*
my senpai will definitely forgive you....she is to nice ^_^
I am her youngest kouhai :D I call myself*kinder-garden level* =))

you draw? *me is interested*
i tried a couple of time but I end up lolling the whole day :))
i tried some jin, kame pics but i don't have an artist's "soul"
=))) LOL XD

*nod nods*
She is, but she will for sure ask for something from me if she will know this.. XDDD
*she had been asking to be promoted into higher level pervee* hahaha
~well how young is that? ^^o

I do ^^o
been drawing mostly animes ever since. XD
Ah they are surely hard to draw! XDDD

*nods with you*
I will be soon 16.... =)))
so I am in that period when the war of hormones is hard =)))=)))

I love mangas.... :X
especially those very cute guys :))

16.... wakai! #_#
*just like my baby bro* *o*
~hormones yeah, count then until youve passed that stag. lol

manga's XDDD
Love them! ^^p

I feel like a kinder garden kid now... *looks around*

I also have a baby bro...but he really is a baby 4 months :)))

I don't know when I'll pass that stage...but I really know I have a long way to go... :)))=))))

You are really like that! XD
I could even pass as your Aunt? #_#
~ohh such joy, i love babies! ^^o
..hai you have a long way to go, but dont be impatient take things on your stride and you will be in for a good ride! ^^o

you bully me :(((
me is very sad *buhu hu hu*

but you can't be that old :)) :-j how old are you? ;))
I don't really love babies but I adore him...
he has such blue eyes...I want to eat him :X

im not bullying you! XD

I'm turning 27 next week so ill be almost, almost half your age.. lol~
Awww blue eyes, i knew i should marry someone with that shade of eyes. XDDD

muchie-chan!!! gomen for this late comment...

BELATED happy birthday! :) hope you had fun in your birthday :)
take care :)
hope to see you around

by the way, i no longer see you in multiply hehehe :p

Leo-chan! <333
that's alright, i love getting greetings! XDDD
I had, thank you though less the usual cake for birthday celebrations.. XD
*ive been neglecting my multiply account* #_#

Hugssssssssssss and ill try to be there more and not just here and facebook or friendster.. lol

Thats alot of hits gurlie! I wish we could hang out in rl ><.
Yes, post memes! I'm raiding your lj now for one to do ^^.

Okay don't laugh at me but I thought this was a recent entry *is stupid* LOL

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